Beating a dead horse(face)

My better half sends me various things via e-mail she thinks I will find of interest (and I do the same for her). Well, this morning she sent me an article that got my blood pressure to head right up to the danger zone. It was from The Village Voice,of all things. By any stretch of the imagination, not a paper which could be considered a conservative organ.
This is not new news. (And if others have ranted about this, I will be happy to link to them.) My question is, where is the outrage? Is it lost amongst all the other shortcomings of the current Democratic contenders considerable baggage? Perhaps not. At least the Viet Nam vets are rising to the occasion to keep this at least out there in the blackberry. Here is a site by and for Viet Nam Vets who recognize John “F’n” Kerry for who and what he is. Sounds like they are rather warmed up to the topic.
Why am I interested in this? I am a veteran. Served 20 years in the Navy. I care about my fellow vets and for this poor excuse of a man, who has not even the pretense of character, to be running for commander and chief… Well, better to have the devil we know stay in office, then to elect someone who, I firmly believe, will cause more damage then we can even imagine. Bush may be accused of making poor choices based on good intent. Kerry, hasn’t the intestinal fortitude to make a choice of any sort and stick to it (unless he can place the blame, if any, somewhere else).
I won’t go so far as to denigrate Kerry’s service (in Viet Nam) until it is proven otherwise. However, just because he did time “in country”, does not excuse his voting record and his public statements before and after he became a senator. But the thing that really sent me over the top, and caused me to “publicly” state my feelings as to who should be in the oval office for the next four years, was his gross mismanaging, as the Chairman, of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs and their ultimate “findings”.
Senator, you stink! For all those who were “left behind”, who you could have used your power and influence to help return….even if it was only one. Their blood, and the pain, suffering, and shattered hopes, of their loved ones are forever on your hands (and soul if you still have one). You are one sorry son of a bitch.
I could say more, but I am afraid it would just be redundant.

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