Just A Matter Of Time?

Just took a look at the latest from townhall.com, and this caught my eye. Now I am not the most religious person in the world, or even here in the hinterlands of northern Illinois, but this got the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.
Looking deeper, it is more then “just a religious issue”. It is a “hate crimes” issue. And to a lesser extent a PC concern as well.
Now before we get too deep into this, being you all don’t know me (or you just might, then I am really in dutch), let me get a couple o’ things off my chest. I am gonna say it loud and clear,so there is no misunderstanding, there is no such thing as a hate crime! Since when were we in the business of being “thought police” and arresting/trying/convicting individuals based on what they think? Before you all get your knickers in a knot understand this; If a couple of knothead knuckledragers go break in to someone’s house, take the stereo, and decide to whip-up on the person that owns same, just because that person happens to be gay, should not make a difference. They should be charged with trespassing/theft/assault/battery and any other criminal code they may have broken in the carrying out of their deeds. It should not matter what their intent was. What matters is the result/consequence of their actions that is culpable. Now, if it can be proven there was pre mediation, then you could upgrade to “aggravated”. You still are not charging them for what they “thought” but rather, on the “successful” carrying out of a planed series of actions. There is a difference. Once we start legally prosecuting based on thought, it is only a matter of time before it isn’t just “hate” that is looked at as a factor in the commission of a crime.
Which leads us to the link above. Yes blame Canada for this. The Canadian Senate passed bill C-250(and more detail here), by a vote of 59 to 11. In passing this legislation, the Canadian Parliament added “sexual orientation” to the nation’s laws criminalizing “hate speech.” The end result is that the Bible may now be considered a form of criminalized hate literature and Christians who teach that homosexuality is sinful may face criminal charges….
“So what”, you say, “That’s Canada, and not here. We have freedom of speech and religion.” Do we? Try exercising your free speech rights on any major college campus. If it doesn’t conform to what is considered “politically correct”, stand by. If you take the opposite position on gay marriage, for example, at the very least you can expect to be called a “hate monger” or “fascist”. And god forbid if you have a bible in your hand and you start to preach. Now so far here in the US of A a crime has to have been committed before the “tag” of it being a hate crime is attached. But there are a number of folks in academia and the judicial side of the house that would have little or no problem in seeing the Canadian addendum added to our current hate laws.
Are you ready to have the state dictate just what and how your religion can be taught, how it can (or should be) interpreted? Are you ready for your minister,preacher,priest, or rabbi to be charged with a hate crime for just espousing the tenant’s of your faith? Freedom of speech…religion…separation of church and state?
And that is my worry. Just another bit of the constitution becomes eroded in the name of “fairness”. It would seem the Canadians don’t get it, and that is their loss. Folks, there are plenty of laws on the books to address most any injustice or criminal injury committed to person or property. What really needs to happen is the strong consistent enforcement and prosecution of said laws. And applicable sentencing on a case by case basis.
That is something we can control to a greater (local) and lesser extent (federal). We (in most cases) elect our local Judges. And in many cases our District Attys. From these come our appellate Judges,and State supreme court folks. The federal bench is just the next step, but we elect the folk who (ultimately) select them. So, we have some control over that. If we don’t start taking a strong look at who we are placing on the bench than, based on what is already happening in many courts through out the country, it is just a matter of time before what has come to pass in Canada could very easily happen here.

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