Smoke, Smoke, Smoke, That Cigarette.

“They” kept telling me smoking was bad, evil, and nasty.
Then at the ripe old age o’ 15 I snuck a pack of dads Kents, and tried em. What the f***! I didn’t get sick, I caught a(the first of many) nicotine buzz. Hmmmm perhaps smoking was not all that bad.
Well, 1000’s of cartons later, I’m finding I get winded much sooner with little or no effort. And the joints are much stiffer, my feet stink and I don’t love Jesus. Could smoking be the cause?
BUTT, the real cause(s)to my problems are as follows.
1. I don’t exercise nearly as much as I did when in the Navy. So, with no daily running or calisthenics…you’s gonna get outta shape and find shortness of breath comes quicker than it used to.
2. I’m getting older(the “and wiser” part seems to be lagging behind that..but that’s another story). So the old habits (some call em vices I prefer “character enhancers”) are starting to leave their marks. Again, perhaps watching the diet a tad closer and exercising would reverse or at least slow down the aging process.
“Well, it could be that the nasty cigarette companies are the ones that caused you all your physical problems…they caused you to become addicted to their vile product.” WHOOOAAAHH hold it right there! I don’t recall anyone twisting my arm to either start smoking or to continue to do so for all these many years. And I’ll be damned (ok, so that’s redundant,being guilty of most all the seven deadly sins at one time or another) if I am going to have the nanny state (federal or People’s Repulic of Illinois) tell me what to do with my ol’ grizzled carcass.
“Oh, but think about the children!” “All that second hand smoke”….Sheesh you anti-smoking Nazis just don’t quit (note to self, give em a tad more “lead” before returning fire). Now, when I am in a restaurant, if there is any question my smoke may be wafting into anyone’s immediate space, I will ask before lighting up. (This assumes the smoking and non smoking areas are adjacent to each other) If it is in a bar/tavern/nightclub, unless I know the people I am with don’t smoke, I’m gonna smoke em if I got em. BTW, recent studies that you can findhere and here would indicate that much of the data used from past studies was manipulated (what a surprise…NOT) by either government agencies or anti-smoking groups.
All this ranting …oh, check out what an Air Force blogger, who goes by the handle of “Blackjack”, feels about the same thing. (And read the rest of his stuff too, just hide the beverages if you value your screen/keyboard.) Think it’s time for a smoke break. Later, all.

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