The Real War

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Allied Powers invasion of a Nazi controlled European continent. D-Day saw freedom and liberty return to European shores at the cost of thousands. These Solders, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen recognized these ideals, and having lived under them, were morally compelled to remove from the world those who would seek to grind all we held dear under their totalitarian heel.
My Uncle Ed and Great Uncle Bill, saw service in the Army and fought in Europe. I never had the honor of hearing Uncle Ed talk about his experiences, but did with my Great Uncle. He served under Patton, and was a part of the march towards Germany. He saw the concentration camps, but he never talked much about that (at least to me). My mother remembers him mentioning it. I can only imagine the horror reflected in his eyes as he spoke about what he witnessed. To both these men, Thank You. (As an aside, to my Uncle Les, who wore the Globe, Anchor, and Eagle of the United States Marines, and saw service in the Pacific, the other theater of WWII, Thank You sir. You were one of the main inspirations for me joining the Navy at 17, many years ago.)
It has been noted,President Reagan, helped to continue freedoms fight. Under his tenure, Communism fell. The wall, dividing freemen from those enslaved under yet another authoritarian regime, crumbled. Reagan was the principle player in making that happen. He believed in freedom, God, and the inherent right of all men to be afforded the chance to experience both.
I was overseas in Japan when the wall fell. At an all night food joint which had televisions set up with CNN on. It was broadcasting this event live (quite the feat at that time). As my fellow shipmates and I ate and watched history happening before our eyes, on member of our group piped up about “all the folks running around and acting like maniacs” (or words to that effect). He had placed his foot in his mouth and was about to find out I was quite capable of helping him remove it.
You see, I am only second generation American. Both sides of my family came from what was just prior to that day, communist controlled countries (Hungary and Czechoslovakia) and even mother Russia itself. Now, they had all arrived over here well before the “hammer and sickle” was in place, but our families felt the repercussions of that action. This fellow Sailor, had pushed a hot button.
I let my fellow Sailor with the bad case of diarrhea of the mouth know, in no uncertain terms, my feelings about the wall coming down. “Hey asshole, you don’t know what you are talking about.” “I have relatives that are free to speak their minds now, that the wall has come down.” “I had cousins that wanted to come to this country (the USA) and live but were ‘required’ to return to their country because of what might happen to their families had they chosen to stay.” “And now that freedom is there, YOU think they are acting foolish and like mobs because they are tearing down the one thing representing the evil they had to live under?” It was about that time both of us were pulled away from each other. A few moments later, he came over and apologized. And the moment passed.
Now, the fight for freedom continues. We find ourselves fighting what is almost a shadow war now. And there are others who have written in much better prose about the current battles. Will we have, as a country of freemen, the courage to see this phase of the war for freedom to its successful completion?
The actions of September 11th, 2001 and the number of terrorist acts brought against us before and since, should have been a strong enough wake up call. They brought the evil which festered overseas, to our shores. The men and women in the service of their country who gave their blood or very lives in the advance of freedom through out the world are the vanguard. We owe them and the memory of those military and civilian, gone before, to continue the fight.
It will not be easy. For the agents of the enemy have taken root in this country and seek to weaken our resolve daily.
The party once considered “the honorable opposition”, who through Franklin D. Roosevelt,and Harry Truman, lead this country to victory in WWII, now spews little but hate, and misinformation. It’s senior statesmen, hollowed shells, of the great men who came before. They seek nothing but greater power and control for themselves and their party at the expense of the fight for freedom and those who are fighting it.
There are those who would see it placed in other, less capable, hands. So if the battle fails in the end, the blame would be placed elsewhere. They and their ilk are cowards and misguided fools. There are still others who would see us retreat back to our shores. Renouncing friend and foe alike to their own fate. They are in the same camp as the others. These, and other “Useful idiots” are but a channel away on television or radio. They are but a page away in many of our newspapers. They give aid and comfort, perhaps unknowingly, to the very forces which seek our end.
If this view is simplistic so be it. The real war continues, it never really stopped. Its modern form started at the beginnings of WWII, re-ignited at Korea, continued burning with an icy flame during The Cold War. And now those in the shadows, cloaked in religious fanaticism, sponsored quietly by countries who would see us and the dream of freemen everywhere die, carry the banner of the darkest side of humanity.
We must not weaken our resolve. Or forget the sacrifices of those gone before. Perhaps the greatest President of the twentieth century wagered his future and that of his country to bring freedom to millions. Now is not the time to be less than bold in the waging of battle. For this is war. A war tearing, and clawing, at the fabric of freedoms enjoyed daily, here and around the world. It is the real war.

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