Like Sands Through an Hourglass….

My better half has been saying this for some time. Perhaps it is time for us to simplify our foreign policy, to something like ….
“We of the great nation of the United States, effective immediately, are carrying out a new policy in regards to those who seek to destroy us and our friends and allies throughout the world.
If you are truly a religion of peace, you have 24 hours to come forward and expose any and all that would seek to promote or carry out acts of violence upon any member of the United States armed forces, American citizens, or our allies. IF you fail to come forward and provide evidence and also denounce the continuation of these acts of terrorism, not only here but abroad, which are carried out in the name of your God, you will leave us no choice.
At the end of 24 hours from NOW, if the above is not acted upon, You, your country, culture, and all others be they terrorist or any nation or state which supports you, will exist no more.
We have gone out of our way to wager a war minimalizing the casualties of civilian populace in areas of conflict. We sought the higher ground in our dealings with you, your holy sites, and those who would seek to destroy our allies.
It appears you respect nothing but strength and an iron fist. In 24 hours, the velvet glove comes off, and the iron fist falls. Your existence will be remembered for what it was, memories being all that will be left.
You have been given notice. The choice is yours. May your god have mercy on your heathen souls, we will not. You now have 23 hours and 20 minutes left.”

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