Make A Difference

So, a bill passes the house by a substantial margin. Said bill HR4323 is already funded, so it will not involve an increase in monies from some other part of the federal budget or your pocket (in the form of increased taxes). But what was the bill about you ask? Oh, nothing that important…..JUST THE DEFENSE AND SAFETY OF OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS THAT’S ALL!!
Just a tad hot under the collar here. There was no reason to oppose this bill. Both sides of the aisle spoke favorably in support of same. Yet, when the vote was taken 97 voted Nay and there were 51 absent. All but 2 of the Nay sayers were Democrats. This is partisan politics at its worst. They would vote against a bill which costs noting and can save at the very least one servicemen’s life? What makes it even more contemptible to me, is a number of the congress critters on the nay side hale from the Peoples Republic of Illinois. At least my local critter voted correctly (thank you Congressman Manzullo!).
But now the bill is in the hands of the Senate, specificity the Senate Armed Services Committee. Get a hold of VA. Senator John Warner, he is the chair for said committee. Do it by e-mail or phone 202-224-2023. Let him know your feelings, but be polite and stay on topic. Then get a hold of your local Senators. They need to know there is strong public support for the passage of this bill.
We can make a difference in the welfare of our troops….CALL or E-MAIL NOW!
Now go and carry out the plan of the day.
Update: Sheesh, a big tip o’ the squid lid to BLACKFIVE for giving the heads up on this initially. You want the straight dope on what is going on with the troops, he is “da man”.


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