Friends and Lovers

Today seems like it is time to tie up a few loose ends. So, here goes.
First Things First
This is directed at the bottom feeder of the legal profession (with apologies to those in said profession, who have scruples) who saw fit to enlighten us with his ignorance, by commenting at True Blue “This buds for you” ™ ….
Though I will give you points for defending your friends(?), clients(?), fellow travelers in the political cesspool of Illinois politics(?), perhaps you need to bring your own veiled threats back into line. It is her site to do with as she pleases. And she was more than gracious in stating in black and white what would happen if she was inundated with unsolicited political advertisement.
Not that it is any of your business, but we have voted republican before (especially at the national level) and may do so again. I can also understand the group you are (by nature of your comments)affiliating yourself with, to be filled with youthful exuberance. This is to be expected, especially with the political climate as it exists today (and more power to em that they are willing to take part in our grand experiment).
That having been said….when a child is in error you slap their hand and give guidance in the error of their ways. That is what Deb did in her response to the errant political posting/comment and the individual who posted it. Nothing more, nothing less. Get over it and yourself.
Second (and much more important) Things Second
I have noticed a pleasant increase in the number of visitors to this little bit of Naval lint ™. And it is high past time to give credit where credit is due. To all those who have linked and visited here I can not thank you enough. I can’t for the life of me think of anything (well…..ok, there *are* a couple of things *grin*) which equals knowing folks from all over choose to stop by, and at the very least, care to read the chicken scratch herein. And those who leave a few words of wisdom, pithy thoughts, or other choice words, so much the better. I wish there was a way to meet each and every one of you, the conversations alone would be something for sore ears.
And conversely, dropping by at each of your sites, always brings about some food for thought. Sometimes I won’t comment, as some one else has said what I would have many times better. But there were more hours in the day so I could savor each of your “homes on the net” to the fullest.
So again, Thank you all, the light is always on, feel free to drop on by any time.
Last But Definitely Not Least
Though I would visit many a site and comment as the mood struck, it was the efforts of my better half, which tipped the scales and pushed me into the pool of blogdom. We have our ups and downs (what married couple doesn’t), but through it all she remains my partner, my love, my best friend. She also has one hell-of-a site. (Ok, I’m with it. *grin*) Yep, I am talking about Deb and you need to check out her bit of net-estate here. She is a red meat eating, ol’ Sailor loving, red white and blue American gal. I am a lucky guy.
Now go and carry out the Plan Of the Day.


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