Da Coach

Ahhhhh politics in Illinois, ya gotta love it. It is well known our Republican candidate for the US senate, Jack Ryan, stumbled just a tad, when his divorce papers became public knowledge…or that is what the spin-meisters would have you believe. The reason I would not vote for the man is really quite simple…and the same thing I felt about Clinton. I don’t give a damn what they do in their bedrooms or off times…that is something they have to answer to their consciences and their God about. What I do care about is they both lied. One to his country and the committees looking into his tomfoolery. The other, to the senior members of his party who were willing to stand behind him and do their best in supporting his bid for the US senate seat being vacated by Senator Fitzgerald. I’ll make it easy for those to whom morals are at best situational….Character counts.
So now the Republicans are wondering who is going to be our standard bearer come this November?
Well, what started out as a half hearted gag…may just become a force to be reckoned with. The Chicago Trib has an article today, (you have to register..but it only takes a minute) which states there is a growing interest in “Iron Mike” Ditka, as a valid contender for the job. And Ditka himself has not ruled it out.
At first I was thinking this would be a waste of time….sheesh, “Da Coach” as a senator…get outta here. But I thought about it for a day or so and ya know what? Why shouldn’t he run. No he is not perfect but he has character and unless proved otherwise, integrity. Much like the fella the libs love to hate, that Texan in the oval office, Ditka means what he says and says what he means.
The majority of the blue collar folk here in Illinois, and more importantly, in Chicago, identify with him, cutting across party lines. He could not only give Democrat Senator candidate Barack Obama a run for his money….if Ditka is true to himself and those who admire him…he could win.
And why shouldn’t he run? Not politically experienced or connected? Well, we have had a preponderance of lawyers, educators, and landed gentry in our top political seats in this state for a long time. Perhaps it is time for one of us blue collar types to take a crack at it. Hell, even the cynic would have to agree he couldn’t do any worse than some of the other *more legitimate* folks, who ended their terms in shame (in either party, by the way).
There is something else to look at. IF he runs and IF he wins….he could turn a state that was supposedly locked in the Dems side for the presidential race, into a real horse race. Think about that. If nothing else it may require the dems to spend more time, money, and energy in a state they thought was theirs. This means less time and money is spent in other states. It can only help the Bush team, if done right.
“Da Coach” winning in Illinois? Hey, we have been in come from behind races with him at the helm before, and won…..bet we can do it again.

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