A Traitor of Uncommon Girth

Oh well….I had hoped never to write a word about this piece of amoral trash. The man piece of shit is nothing short of everything that is truly anti-American. To say he is incapable of saying anything remotely close to the truth (well, ok if we go by the dictionary he *can* say something treasonous, so technically speaking that would be “close to the truth”…but I digress) is an understatement. That overly large pussball wouldn’t know the truth if it reached up and bitch slapped him if it could find his face, what with his head so far up his rather wide ass).
So, why am I waxing so about this large vertical turd? It’s because while reading posts by Kim and Mrs. du Toit who both referenced THIS. I could not in good conscience be quiet about this dung heap any longer (and I apologize for offending dung heaps everywhere.)
Please RTWT.
Now you can understand why this post is here. Now you know our country has a master propagandist FOR THE OTHERSIDE in our midst.
But what to be done about this steaming pile of waste? There is precedence for his kind…..
Tokyo Rose was ultimately found guilty of treason for her use of the media during WWII
Lord Haw Haw was ultimately found guilty of treason by the Brits (and hung).
So when will we get to see Michael Moore + rope + steel reinforced gallows, some assembly required.


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