An Islamic Caliphate in Southeast Asia?

A number of folks have been wondering where our next front will be in the on going WoT. Though there is still much to be done in the Mid East, with the newly minted government of Iraq, and the growing threat of a nuclear Iran. The enemy is not strategically static. There are other parts of the globe which have been ignored for far too long.
Specifically we are talking about Southeast Asia. If left unchecked (existing terrorist and revolutionary movements) the repercussions can will be physically far reaching. They will have a sound and secure base (more likely, bases) from which to export terror ’round the world. And potential control of a number of shipping lanes throughout the area.
For a number of years now, many of the so called rebel groups have taken to the seas and these shipping lanes to conduct numerous acts of piracy. Shades of the Barbary Pirates of old. Is it just a coincidence the religion of that old band of marauders happens to be the same as the current group?
And it will be economically disastrous as well. This would be done by placing a choke hold on shipping lanes (as noted above),and by the systematic limiting of trade partners, by changing the political climate of any number of Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia) to one of a pro-Islamic state. These would, of course, become governments against the west/US.
I have known, and still know folks from that region of the world. Many old shipmates and Marines who have lived and been stationed there, talked about the rebels in the southern provinces of the Philippines. Islam, and or those who use that *faith* as a mask for political and personal gains have been and continue to make increasing gains in that part of the world.
But don’t take my word for it. Belmont Club makes some very interesting and informative comments here , here and here.
Personal Effects adds to the conversation right here.
Baby Troll Blog adds his dash of spice to the mix .
And just to stir the pot a bit more….
North Korea needs money. Though I am sure the face on any transaction would be they need it to feed and provide comfort for *their people*. I suspect most monies generated by arms and missile sales line the pockets of the few at the top of the Dictator Food Chain ™ . If the rebels and Islamists of Southeast Asia become strong enough and or are able to get *donations* from other *branches* of their terrorist cabal, It is not inconceivable they would arm themselves with weapons or missiles with which to use against …..hmmm Australia? Or perhaps a clandestine attack against Singapore?
Naaaa, that would never happen….just forget about the Bali bombing…why most of the followers of Islam in Southeast Asia are just poor peace loving people who; “Want to remove the yoke of Christian dominated government oppression from their shoulders ™” . They just want to live in peace with their neighbors. An Islamic Caliphate in Southeast Asia? It will never happen.
If you believe that….have I got some stock options to sell to you!!


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