Pictures of an Exhibition

Saw these pictures at Mudville Gazette and Blackfive’s site (among others). I have to give the Marines in the photo a lot of credit. Had it been me, I wouldn’t have hit the SOB (though it would have been SO tempting) as I don’t need the secret service sending a couple of rounds my way, but I would have given that vertical turd a small piece of my mind.
Something like the following:
“You, senator, are the biggest lying sack of shit it has ever been my displeasure to meet” “The dishonor you brought to all vets who served during Vietnam shall forever call one word to mind when ever I hear your name…and that word is TRAITOR!” “Now if you will excuse me I would like to finish my meal with my fellow comrades in arms…you might not understand wanting to eat and be with those to whom you would trust your back to.” “But I do and so do they…Good day Asshole”
“Oh, and if you ever point your finger at me again, I will rip it off and shove it up your lying ass!”
I would probably face “Captain’s Mast” (same as “Office Hours” for you of other services) for being unduly honest with the vertical turd with good hair, but it would be worth it.
Skipper: “Master Chief, bring the Petty Officer front and center.”
Master Chief: “Aye Aye Sir!”
Master Chief: “Petty Officer ‘Guy’, front and center!”
accused Petty Officer “marches” to the proscribed spot in front of the Commanding Officer, and smartly comes to attention.
Guy: “Reporting as ordered Sir!”
Skipper: Reads the charges and asks if the accused is aware of the charges and understands same.
Guy: “Sir, yes Sir!”
Skipper: “Do you have anything to say in your defense?”
Guy: “Sir, no Sir”
Skipper: “Well, son, I have been ordered to pursue this and to resolve or reprimand as I see fit…”
Skipper: “Do you feel any remorse for your statements?”
Guy: “Sir, no Sir!”
Skipper: “As I would have thought…so you leave me no choice.”
Skipper: (as he breaks in to a smile) “Charges are dropped…with the verbal admonishment of ‘You might not want to do that again’.”
“Further, you are fined the cost of one keg which is presently waiting to be emptied at the Enlistedmen’s Club.” “And you are confined to said club until the Master Chief feels you have been dually chastised.” “Do you understand the conditions as they have been read to you?”
Guy: “Sir, Yes Sir!”
Skipper: “You are dismissed.”
Skipper: Master Chief, escort this Petty Officer to his place of confinement.”
Master Chief: “Aye Aye Sir!”
Yes, the above is a bit of day dreaming….but would be what I would do to one of my charges…if I was “Skipper”.
As far as the presidential wanna be’s “saluting”…besides the fact he is incapable of rendering a proper salute, due to his limp wrist and all, I would be sorely tempted to return it with a salute of my own….mine would require the use of only one finger. And that is all he deserves.


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