Chief Wiggles Needs Your Help

It seems Chief Wiggles the driving force behind Operation Give ,is still having problems with Atlas Lines.
Got the headsup from BitsBlog . My better half and I spent a good part of the evening re reading the past history of this sad affair. And brought ourselves up to date here and here .
As for Mr. Chris Ludwig. Who claims to have left the company, is still handing out business cards with their logo on them. This is according to information at “The Daily Whim” (see link above). He is also still listed, as you can see by the picture below, as the Billing contact for same, what’s going on here??

It smells down Atlanta way.
If any of you good people out there, after reading both the above posts (and associated comments) are of a mind to help (this would be you of the legal persuasion, or those who know of an individual who can help the Chief), Please get in touch with him ASAP!!
Any one who writes, e-mails, or tries to call the people at Atlas….be polite! Operation Give and or the Chief do not need any (more) grief then they already have, especially due to over exuberant “help”. In the end that doesn’t help, it only muddies up the water.
Now go and carry out the Plan of the Day!!


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