The Visit

True Blue and I were gone for a good part of the day. We spent the better part of four hours with a delightful person, her mom and sister.
The Running Conservative, known far and wide as “The Kate”, is a gem. A smart, articulate young lady, who has a good head on her shoulders. (And I won’t say she’s cute*).
Her mom put up with my boorishness, so she gets points just for that. More parents should take as active an interest in the things important to their children, as it appears she does. She was witty, delightful, and charming. But that shouldn’t have surprised me…she is yet another of the growing list of Debs out there who make the world a better place. (I know this cause I was lucky enough to marry one.)
And to round out the merry band was Kate’s sister Alice. She, of the long red hair and mischievous eyes, put up with all us older folk, yakking about what the world was like before they invented air….or at least cable TV. I think she may have whipped one of our boys at checkers…but no one is admitting anything.
Anyhow, a grand time was had by all. And I hope we have the pleasure of their company again at some point in the future.
If you have any doubts about the younger generation….and where they are heading, check this out. Kate writes better and thinks clearer than many folks considerably older than she. You won’t be disappointed.
Kate, Deb, and Alice, thanks for sharing the day with us.
*but she is!

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