Swiftboat Vets Strike!

The Kerry camp needs to be afraid VERY afraid. American vets, are angered by the pseudo-heroism of the democratic candidate. They see red due to his actions of dishonoring Viet Nam vets in front of, and while chairing, senate subcommittees.
To quote Kerry’s new slogan, take heart vets, “Help is on the way ™!”
The Swiftboat Veterans For Truth have begun their broadside of the Kerry Konvoy ™ of lies and half truths. These men of honor, are Viet Nam veterans all. More importantly, they either fought alongside Kerry (fellow officers and enlistedmen) or were members of Kerry’s direct chain of command.
The “Swifties” have unleashed an ad that lays a direct hit on Kerry, not only questioning his fitness for command, but the validity of at least one of the purple hearts awarded to him. Oh the horrors! At long last Kerry is being called on the carpet for his actions. By the very group of people, if Kerry’s record and actions were above board, who should be some of his strongest supporters.
But the Kerry camp and assorted followers, has not been idle. They have at one time or another, castigated the “Swifties” as being nothing but lapdogs of the Bush administration or the RNC. Or, not being (directly) related to Kerry’s service in the Swiftboats, at all. These are flat out lies.
The Swiftboat vets, are being called to account for the ad which has challenged some of Kerry’s wartime service. If it was any one else but this group, I could see a basis for Kerry’s team, and others, complaint(s). This is not the case. Again, these men “have been there and done that”, right along side Kerry.
They are also being taken to task for the new book “Unfit For Command” (which comes out on the 15th of this month) co-written by John O’Neill, the man who took over command of Kerry’s boat after he left.
If Kerry and his ship of fools have a problem with either the men, their organization, or the book, then let the truth set you free. Don’t give us rhetoric, counter the charges with facts.
1. Let us see your service record, ALL OF IT!
2. Point by Point offer evidence, not rhetoric, to the contrary.
3. If you took part in the war crimes you have alleged happened , you sir need to resign your seat in the senate, and drop out of the race for President.
4. If your alleged activities are indeed fabrications, YOU ARE GUILTY OF PERJURY (As far as I know, lying to a senate sub committee, while under oath, is a criminal offense.)
5. Either stand by your senate voting record, such as it is, and admit you are what and who you are (the most liberal senator in the senate), and be forthright about it. Or don’t, and see your numbers slip on the polls, as your chances for reaching the oval office grow less with each passing day.
6. Apologize to the families of the MIA’s and POW’s you left for dead in North Viet Nam, and elsewhere, due to the actions of the sub committee you chaired, which is alleged to have done this very thing.
Get off the backs of the very men who would have given their lives to cover your back, had it been necessary. They are speaking from the heart. They are speaking the truth. For once show some personal accountability and integrity, do the right thing for yourself and America.
Do all of the above, and you may have a chance of getting the brass ring, the oval office. I’ll be waiting to hear you take the high road, but I imagine all I will hear is….
:crickets chirping:


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