Never Forget!

Human nature is such, that we think most of mans inhumanity to man happening in some despotic dictators private torture chamber. Or of great masses being exterminated, of pogroms and genocide.
Well, every pogrom starts incrementally. The hate starts with words, subtle at first, followed by stronger invective, and then crosses over the shadowy line separating word from deed. Thus has history shown us.
The group perhaps most noted as the example of this, would be those belonging to the tribes of Israel. They know the scourge of the taskmaster’s whip. The slurs and lies. The knock at the door in dark of night. The pogroms, sending many to Siberia or worse. The stench of hatred belching from the chimneys at Treblinka, Auschwitz, Chelmno, Belzec, Janowska, where millions died. Others meeting death at Sobibor, and Majdanek. It was vowed over and over after that…. “Never Again!” .
Which brings us to more recent times. It seems, almost 60 years after the holocaust, the specter of anti semitism is alive again in the west (most notably France). Who would have thought this kinda shit would still be possible in this day and age? And of all places, New Zealand.
We need to be aware. This has happened before and now it is happening again. And if it happens to one group…not based on their actions or intent…but purely on their religion, (and DON’T even try to compare them to the islamists, cause I’ll slam ya where you stand and ban ya to boot…you have been warned).
And it can (and will) happen to any of us if we do nothing. Are you Catholic? you may be next. Homosexual…don’t worry, take a number, you’ll be on the list. Czech, Polish, Black, Pagan, wrong political affiliation…your number is there somewhere…it is just a matter of time. If we forget. If we look the other way.
So, go look at the truth and weep…and remember.
“First they took away the crippled,
but that didn’t bother me because I wasn’t crippled.
Then they took away the Communists,
but that didn’t bother me because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they took away the Gypsies,
but that didn’t bother me because I wasn’t a Gypsy.
Then they took away the Jews,
but that didn’t bother me because I wasn’t Jewish.
Then they came for me and who was going to save me”

(And to Kiwi Bob at Silent Running , thank you for the wake up call.)

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