Sunday Skinned?

There are many sites who have graced their “pages” with pics and comments about guys and gals who cause their blood pressure and that of the visiting “audience” to rise.
There are places who are known for the view or a catchy title , and those who try to appeal to both sides while being topical. There are, of course, those long standing eye candy sites, who may be on vacation , and the occasional photo op from a relatively new kid on the block.
So, I decided to try and see who would like to grace my page.
Now this lady needs no introduction, ‘specially if you are a vet. She used to tour with the USO along with Bob “I know what you guys really want” Hope many times. And she never forgets

But I couldn’t expect such a class act to want to hang around here.
So, perhaps a super model some one like this

It would be nice….but she is probably more conservative than I, and would believe everything my wife tells her about me. So no Rachel around here.
I continued my search for a lady to grace my page. And I found one. She knows what she likes and is not afraid to ask for it. She has been there and back……..

*Sigh*….wonder if she has a GTO?


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