As it ever was and ever shall be

I am not anywhere close to being a religious man…a lapsed Catholic by choice, a questioner by design, a fool by nature. Still, I have always believed something (someone, some higher power?) had to have started all that is the universe, in motion.
There are “laws” and a choreography to everything in the heavens and on the earth. That we may not begin to fully understand or comprehend the dance, is not Gods fault.
My favorite Curmudgeon has an excellent essay on faith. And postulates on a “what if”.
You guessed it. His post got me to thinking. And I think it would lead to the demise of Christianity as we know it. This is of course presupposing the finding of either grave was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be exactly that. The graves of Mary (This alone would cause at the very least a major rift in the Catholic Church, and quite possibly the death knoll for that venerable institution.) and Jesus by their very nature, would signal the end of Christianity. But, would it signal the end of mans search for that which set all we know of in motion? I doubt it.
There would be a major upheaval in those whose faith was founded on the messiahic offshoot of the Judaic faith and teachings. There would be many who would swear off any religious mythos or religion in general as nothing more than a pack of fairy tales. And this line is being followed by many in the hedonistic times we live in, right now. There would be those who would not be able to survive an emotional blow like this, and would either succum to madness or take their life out of desperation.
After the initial shock wore of I would imagine there would be a major jump in converts to the Jewish faith (be it Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform). Because this is the “root faith”, the old testament to Christians. And perhaps there would be those who would seek comfort in Islam and other religions as well.
But I believe after the dust settled, there would be an even greater quest by men and women for not only what or who started the universe in motion, but to try and find out what lies beyond the final veil. Mankind has tried to find answers to these basic questions not long after we started to walk upright. It is a common thread in all civilizations. And this is the track I feel mankind would take….the one where we collectively hold our heads up toward the heavens asking “Why?”. That is the nature of man…that is what keeps us going forward. What is over the next hill? What lies beyond the water? Who created us? Why did we come to be? How? Why do we only live for such a short time on this earth? And were do “we” go afterward?
IMHO, “we” have to go somewhere. It is such a short time to be alive on this earth…it seems (to me) to be such a tremendous waste of potential, energy, call it what you will. To see it all come to an end after this short time….makes no sense. To have beings who are able (in our fashion)) to have conscious awareness of their existence, and then have it end as it does, seems the height of cruelty. And were does the spark of individuality/ self awareness come from which separates us from all other animals?
No, if for some reason it would come to light the Christ and Mary left their bones behind, the faiths built upon this would quite likely fall in to the dust of history…but mankind’s quest for the ultimate truths would continue on. As it was and ever shall be, our very nature would prevent us from doing anything less.

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