Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

By now everyone has at least heard of The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They are the men who served with Kerry on the rivers, deltas, and other waterways of Viet Nam.
Well, the main steam media, aka “Kerry’s Lapdogs” ™ , has been happily taking potshots at them and the ads they have released. Don’t know if I have ever seen such a bunch of unruly misfits armed with misinformation and half truths….since I saw the village mob scenes in “Young Frankenstein”. If the media’s acts of performing damage control for Kerry were not to be taken so seriously, I would be watching every night just to see the latest acts of buffoonery.
Kerry’s Konvoy seeks to discredit the Vets who are risking their reputations, and good names. The Swift Boat Vets, are not out to better themselves, but to have the truth be known about a fellow officer and vet who would embellish his time in service, then use it as the centerpiece of his candidacy. The main stream media would have us never mind it’s been so highly revised and overblown, it now resembles a box of “Puffed Southeast Asian Rice” ™ more than it does the truth.
And so, in the interest of having the truth be known. Or at the very least, allowing anyone who may wander by a chance to take a look and see what all the hub bub is about, Here is the first Swift Boat ad and here is their latest .
You want to stop the ads Senator? Want the great unwashed you soooo want to have under your finely coifed command, go on to something else for the remainder of this campaign? Send in the DD 180. You alone can make that happen……
Or start looking for another line of work. And nice guy that I am, I have *just the job for you*. It’s just not as President of the United States. What, with your lucky jacket, magic hat, and tall tales. Your flights of fancy more than qualify as works of fiction. I’m sure you would make an excellent novelist, or a top *reporter* for the “Weekly World News” (I hear they are getting mighty low on new “Batboy” stories).

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