Kerry's Got Some 'Splaining To Do!

A number of folks have talked,commented, and posted about Kerry’s ten minute phone call with fellow Swift Boat skipper, Robert “Friar Tuck” Brant Cdr., USN (RET). The content of the phone call can be found at Drudge and a number of other spots round the net.
But I think Jim over at SOTW not only hits the nail on the head, he notes some far fetched thinking , may not be as loony as it sounded.
But here is the question which came to mind after reading Jim’s post. If all the vets who served in Viet Nam (other than the Swift Boat Vets of course {according to Kerry NOW}) are murderers,rapists, village and critter burners, etc. Does that make all the rest of us who were Viet Nam era vets, but saw duty in other parts of the world, accessories before, or after, the fact?
But let me phrase this in a way so my feelings about Senator Kerry will not be misunderstood.
Go to hell you spineless, two faced, back stabbing, sub human, lying sack of shit! You not only disgrace the uniform you once wore, you are a discredit to the Navy, your gender, and your country!
(big tip of the Squid Lid to Jim!)


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