The Kid or The Adult?

And the battle rages on. Kerry vs Bush, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, chaos vs order, anarchist vs rule of law. The good Mrs. du Toit has commented on this as have others.
We are dividing ourselves along a number of lines. And they have a common tie. (And no, it is not the “Anyone But Bush” vs “Kerry is a Lying Scumbag”, though that is certainly a symptom or manifestation of it.)
We are divided on the lines of kids vs adults.
By kids I refer to those who would follow a child’s way of thinking and or actions. Along with the same emotional response(s) to how “adults” deal with said response(s) (ie: cause and effects). In other words, kids in the sense of emotional maturity vice chronological age. They will look at any given set of facts and skew them to arrive at the answers they want (Michael Moor’s dubious crockumentory would be a good example of that). They will stomp their feet and make noise if a decision is made which doesn’t give them the results they were hoping for (election 2000 anyone?). There favorite words and or phrases…”It’s not fair!!” “It will work this time I just know it!”
Adults, by the same token, would be those who try their best to arrive at a decision through sound logic, and or reason. They may be passionate about what they are dealing with, but for the most part will do what needs to be done, regardless of feelings. (example: The WoT. No one wants to go to war or looks forward to it. Wars are dirty and oft times bring out the very worst in humanity and in the people who fight same. {they can also bring out some of our highest qualities as well but that is not the point here at the moment} Though looking at the world and the many threats our country and civilization face, sometimes war is the only real option we have. And like it or not, we take it on as the right and proper course of action.)
Here would be a better example. President Carter, while Clinton was in office, went to North Korea to help in negotiations. The end result was a *guarantee* on the part of the North Koreans, they would stop perusing development of nuclear armaments. This would be a kids view of things. “If we just make honorable our intentions, they will be morally required to do the same.” This would have a good chance of working if the folks he was dealing with were in fact *honorable*. Sadly for him (and us) that was (is) not the case. That Carter refused to believe there are people in the world who are truly evil, or perhaps is in denial on this, shows a child’s mentality to the facts as they really are. This was a lesson he should have taken on board, while as President, in dealing with the Iranians. But, he repeats it again and again. (If I put this cape on and really, really, believe I know I can fly this time!)
An “adult” might try to bargain as well, an example of that would be Reagan and the Russians. He also backed up his chips on the table with the willingness to use American might if need be. And the Russians knew this. But you know the rest of that story.
So, which side is going to take the reigns of power come this November? The “Kid”, who has based most of his campaign on his fantasy of being a war hero….before he was an anti-war protester?
Or, the “Adult”, who when tasked with leading his country and western civilization (despite the best efforts of the kids in Europe to thwart it), into the greatest challenge faced since the end of WWII. And has taken the much harder road of not only calling those who would destroy us and their followers/supporters what they really are..evil, but has taken arms against them.
My money is on the Adult.


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