Fair and Balanced?? In a Pigs Eye!!

Sigh, I get so tired of the so called *cough* unbiased *cough* MSM. Here is the latest, from the straight shooting, objective, “expert” journalists at AP, on the President.

Bush Readies Second-Term Proposals for RNC
(AP) – Abortion-rights protesters and the first Republican delegates descended on President Bush’s heavily fortified convention city Saturday as campaign officials said their boss would use the nomination spotlight to defend his hawkish foreign polices and offer a second-term agenda for health care, education and job training.

Gasp! (Only, damn it!) Abortion rights protesters showed up and oh btw, so did the first RNC delegates. “hawkish foreign polices”? Well, guess it is a good thing to get the objective reporting /non-biased point of view out of the way as soon as possible. Lord knows we can’t just keep opinions on the editorial page, the unwashed masses need to be reminded of what’s wrong with this usurper of the oval office as much as possible.

“He believes it’s important for a candidate to talk about what he’s done and, most important, where he wants to lead,” said adviser Karen Hughes, aboard Bush’s campaign bus in Ohio. “The speech is very forward-looking. It talks about what another four years of a Bush presidency would look like.”

well, ok lets mention this…but don’t embellish it or anything, we don’t want people to think we aren’t *cough* objective *cough* or partisan in our reporting….in other words don’t piss off the liberal readers!

Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry said most voters won’t look kindly on another term for the Republican.
“From supporting outsourcing of American jobs to turning surpluses into record deficits to putting the interest of drug companies over the interests of patients and families, President Bush has chosen to turn away from middle-class families,” Kerry said in a statement.

Ahhh this will make the more *progressive* readership happy. Never mind it has little to do with the news at hand. Oh, and just what in the hell is “newsworthy” about the first line here? Are we supposed to be surprised by what Kerry said? Or is this just another “friendly reminder” from the “Totally Objective Press ™ ” that a) “most voters” (the dems have more voters/are winning cause we say so) and b) boy are we gonna be mad if this SOB steals……err wins again.

Pre-convention polls showed the race evenly split, though the challenger has lost ground since his convention in Boston a month ago.

Hey!! They got some truth in the article after all…and it pertains to the article.

The GOP incumbent campaigned deliberately through battleground states…

“campaigned deliberately”? Boy am I confused. Was he supposed to campaign “accidentally” through battleground states? “Oops, how did I get here?” “Oh well, lets talk to em anyhow!”

… en route to an overwhelmingly Democratic convention city – fertile ground for protests against his foreign and domestic policies. Thousands of abortion-rights activists marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, 10 abreast in a protest a half-mile long. The night before, 264 people were arrested for disorderly conduct in a bicycle protest past Madison Square Garden.

Damn, You mean NYC is not a Republican stronghold? And it’s fertile ground for protests?? Stop the presses! We have real breaking news here! Well this is as good a spot to toss in a plug or two about the numbnuts who have shown up already…..err I mean the good people of the opposition party exercising their constitutional right to freedom of (dis)assembly.

The convention site is less than five miles from Ground Zero, where two hijacked planes destroyed the Twin Towers, killing 2,749 people and catapulting the nation into war. Bush’s approval ratings soared as he led the nation in mourning, then ordered troops into Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime and begin the search for Osama bin Laden.

Well, I have to admit, though it is already a bit into the article, this is the truth and unvarnished at that. Better late then never I guess.

Three years later, the terrorist leader is still at large, and the U.S. military is fighting an unpopular war in Iraq. As the death toll of U.S. troops nears 1,000, Bush hopes to persuade voters that the invasion of Iraq has made the nation safer.

Ahhh, there we go….the other shoe drops. Btw, just out of curiosity, other than the liberal moonbats and other assorted hangers on, does the country at large find the war unpopular? Oh, and being we are now there at the pleasure of the recognised Iraqi government wouldn’t that mean the war is officially over?

“The power of liberty cannot be stopped,” the president told supporters in Lima, Ohio, borrowing a line from his work-in-progress acceptance address. “Freedom is peace. Free societies are not going to harbor al-Qaida.”
But even free societies must be diligent. Security precautions here showed it.

hmmmm isn’t the last two statements….obvious to the most casual of observers? Or is it just me?

Police were out in force guarding New York roadways, bridges, tunnels and ports, while vehicle restrictions on an 18-square-block area around the Garden snarled traffic in a city already congested.

This seems to be just filler to me….old news or at best (again) obvious news.

Police said they might have headed off disaster as they arrested a U.S. citizen and a Pakistani national in an alleged plot to bomb a subway station in midtown Manhattan.

This in and of itself should be a separate article….and if so, why is it here? And if NOT, why not!!

Inside the hall, the transformation from sports and entertainment center to convention site was complete, with a custom-made podium filling one side of the hall and thousands of balloons above.
A smattering of delegates had arrived midweek for platform hearings, and scores more were making their way to the city. They won’t starve for food or attention. Among the parties planned was a huge gathering at the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an intimate affair in an apartment high above Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park.

This is interesting, why isn’t it further up in the article…say above all the democratic fill earlier???

Bush arrives in his convention city Wednesday after an eight-state campaign swing. He’ll spend one night in New York before bolting for the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Ohio and beyond shortly after accepting the GOP nomination.

“bolting for the battlegrounds…”? sheesh….enough with the lets show Bush running away from something already….it hasn’t worked before and won’t work now!

Hughes said Bush will argue that the world and the nation are changing rapidly in the new century, forcing U.S. leaders to adapt. While a desire for stability guided foreign policy for decades, “now we recognize that only when our values and beliefs in freedom are able to take hold will we see our security improve.”
The domestic terrain is changing, too, with people constantly shifting jobs and women flooding the work force, Hughes said. “So he’ll talk about skills and training and education and portability of things like health care and the ability to own a piece of your retirement.”
Hughes declined to give details, but other Bush advisers said he was expected to outline new initiatives on health care and post-secondary education. He will renew calls for tax simplification and allowing people to privatize part of their Social Security benefits, but is not expected to offer new initiatives in those areas.
Individually, none of the measures will be colossal, aides said, but collectively it will make a bold package that they argued will appeal to moderates, many of whom have grown wary of Bush’s conservative views and the Iraq war.
“I know he has strong feelings about the need to simply the tax code,” said campaign chairman Marc Racicot.

See this? THIS should have been in the top couple paragraphs or two! Judging from the headline, this would be the meat of the story. But where is it? Why almost at the damn end of it!!! Naaaaa no bias in the media here…keep moving right along!!

Looking to the fall, Racicot said he couldn’t find any fault with an independent commission’s proposal to sponsor three presidential debates and one vice presidential session. Kerry has accepted the proposal. Bush has not.
Bush comes to his convention with a bit of momentum in a race so evenly divided that the smallest movement could cause major ripples. A Time magazine poll suggests that Bush has gained ground on Kerry on the economy, Iraq and the question of who could best lead the nation through a difficult time.

Ok, this could be filler at the end of the article, provided a lot of the above was removed. And what is this bullshit about the race being so evenly divided? From all evidence coming from the “Kerry Konvoy ™ ” They are taking on more water than the female population of NYC just before the monthly visit of their “friend”. And with even a CBS poll showing Bush with a lead (and we know how fair and balanced *they* are)….oh nevermind, you have to paint the best picture possible for those who actually read your birdcage liner.

But a potential problem loomed for Bush. In Washington, the FBI was investigating whether a Pentagon analyst fed secret materials to Israel.

Ahhhh yes, lets finish on a high note! Not that it has anything to do with the convention. Or Bushes platform. But it sure beats talking about either one now doesn’t it. And it is soooo hard to resist getting that final tweak in there.
How do I love the Main Stream Media? Let me count the ways……….
*more crickets chirping than you can shake a stick at*

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