This Bomb's For You?

George Will has a rather thought provoking column today. In it he makes a point about something which has not been talked about all that much, especially now, with “in the home stretch” politicking going on.
Anyhow, Mr. Will brings up a valid point. Are we aware of how easy it is to get the needed ingredients for the making of a small (but catastrophically deadly in a heavily populated area) nuclear device? Did we know how much high grade fissionable material is unaccounted for? And perhaps most important to us. Are we aware at how easy it would be to get all of this together in this country.
These are great, if more than a bit scary, questions. As porous as our borders (still) are, and as (apparently) open our ports, it would seem the real question would not be if, we will see one (or more) mini-mushroom clouds in any given major city, but when.
And to be fair to both the government and the various agency’s tasked with securing our borders, and transportation into and across the country, short of inspecting every bit of cargo and person, would bring us to a virtual stand still. Remember how things were backed up when we first started inspecting just the airlines and passengers?
But I digress. Will’s real question is who do you think will be the better man to have in the oval office. He, in the final analysis, goes with Bush. But notes Bush’s critics say he is stuck in the 1980’s with all the talk about strategic defense.
I wonder how much the Democrats, John “I Never Made It To An Intelligence Briefing Yet ™ ” Kerry, or anyone else on that team would deal with this? Or even if they would take it very seriously, beyond lip service that is.
There should be more done to monitor the borders. And not just at the check points. There is a lot of land on our southern border alone, which is crossed every night (and day) by folks seeking to enter this country. It is not beyond the realm of possibility agents who would work toward the destruction of any number of persons, places, or landmarks, wouldn’t try to cross in much the same manner. The same would hold true for the necessary instruments of destruction.
And lets not forget our ports. And the large gaps in inspecting the incoming cargo to this country. If little toys in the form of the World Trade Center and associated airplane can find their way here, and not be discovered till they hit the market place, along with all the coke, hash, heroin, and other drugs, which enter the country daily. What is there to prevent something(s), or parts of something(s), from entering as well.
Being an optimist of sorts I would prefer to believe the following. I wonder if there are those working unknown and unseen, who are doing their level best to insure we don’t have a catastrophe of this type or magnitude. And neither George Will or we know about it. (And if it isn’t true, I hope to god the powers that be make it so!)
For if we are just literally and figuratively sitting around with our thumbs up our butts, well then, we may as well get our thumbs outta there and put both hands to good use. Cause when it hits the fan, mushroom cloud wise, there will be precious little time to both move our thumbs and kiss our butts good bye.


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