Ain't No Buchanan Here

In one of my previous posts, it may have come across that I am for the closing of all our borders (and by implication,the stopping of immigration to this country). And so, I will respond to that issue.
I think after the election the border issue will see the light of day (as I said before). But I am not for closed borders. I am for monitored borders with legal imagration continuing perhaps even increasing. That has been how this country has grown and remained strong all these years.
Heck, I am only second generation American on both sides of the family. All of them came from countries which fell to the communists. Indeed, one was (a great grandfather on my mother’s side) a Russian Cossack. They all (to the best of my knowledge) came through Ellis Island. And that even resulted in one of my great grandmother’s name to be changed to something the naturalization folks could pronounce. This is the land of opportunity. One only has to look at what my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents started with and what they ended up with at the end of the day.
And look at two of the finest bloggers out there, Kim du Toit and Misha…both came to this country and it would be hard to find finer examples of Americans or folks who love and believe in this country and the opportunities offered here.
So, yes we need to monitor, patrol, and aggressively contain any illegals entering this country, from all paths of entry, be it borders, ports, or airports. But we also need to continue our proud history of letting folks come to this country to partake in our noble experiment. They just need to follow the rules. And we need to enforce same.
Pat Buchanan would have us behind the castle with moat encircling…and no way to enter. I would agree to the wall and maybe even the moat…but there has to be at least one large gate with a shining light beaming through. Ain’t no Buchanan here!


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