A Message And An Olive Branch

There has been talk, The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth were nothing but a front for the RNC and Bush’s campaign. They were also accused of being liars and tellers of half truths. This of course was being spouted by the *cough* always un-biased, no agenda here folks *cough* Main Stream Media. The various sycophants for the Kerry Konvoy also sunk to the occasion, lobbing misinformation and innuendo after innuendo at the stalwart Vets.
Since their formation, they have only wanted one thing. To get the truth out regarding Senator Kerry’s less than spotless record while in Viet Nam, and his reprehensible actions as an anti-war activist upon his return to the states. It would seem they have been remarkably successful, judging by the best seller status of “Unfit For Command”, and the growing response to the three (now four) ads which even the DNC and their disgusting attempts at censorship couldn’t torpedo.
Now, they have held out an olive branch. This would hardly be something done from any position other than one of strength. And The Swift Boat Vets For Truth are strong and growing stronger. They are ready to throw in the towel and go their separate ways, if only Senator Kerry will be honest and forthright about his time in Viet Nam, and the actions/words attributed to him while an anti-war activist.. They must have been sitting in on the same poker playing lessons that President Bush got. The gauntlet could not have been thrown down any harder. It is up to Senator Kerry now. Be a man for once in your pampered life….do the right thing ….sign the 180.
Don’t bob and weave, or nuance your way out of what happened while you were an anti-war protester, and spoke in front of the Senate. Be honest with the American public and yourself. Apologize to the American vets you slandered. Hell, even Hanoi Jane did that, are you no better than that dried up, tight skinned, poor excuse for a human being?


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