For Whom The Zell Tolls!

Thank God this man is on our side. I can’t remember a speech which was more stirring, more heartfelt, and more of a call to arms then this this one!
I wonder if Senator Kerry’s ears were burning. They damn well should have been. Senator Miller, tore into Kerry much like a Southern Baptist preacher tears into sin. He gave no quarter for good intentions. He spared no flame for the indecisive youth which grew into the “lack of character” adult. Senator Miller, in no uncertain terms showed America tonight, when you sell your soul to the devil, you will have hell to pay.
The good Senator then changed directions. From the negative to positive. He unequivocally put his vote, his word, and his bond, into the hands of a man he called a man of faith, honor, and steel re-enforced backbone. George W. Bush, the next President of the United States.
Senator Miller, if only there were more like you in the halls of Congress, and Senate floor. You are a man of substance, character and style. May you live a long and healthy life in the company of those who are most precious to you, the ones you place above party, your beloved family. For they truly have a treasure beyond measure in you Sir.

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