Onward Freedoms Soldiers

Jim, at Smoke On The Water has a great post on Crusades He notes this is a very politically incorrect word. Heaven forbid we call up images of the last time western man took to the sword to defend his very way of life from encroaching Islamic expansionism! For that is the dirty little secret the revisionists and politically correct would not have you know. We were not going over to the middle east (back then) to harass the peaceful followers of Islam. We were fighting for our ability to practice the religious faith(s) we chose to follow. It was the Ottoman Empire which sought to take that from us and place the teachings of Islam in its stead.
If nothing had been done, we would be praising Allah right now. There would be no (or a very small sect at best) of either Christian or Jew. There would be no Mormons, no Jehovah’s Witnesses, Moonies, Buddhist, or Hindu. Wiccan would not exist. Homosexuals, unless slaves, or captured infidel, would not be allowed. Woman’s rights…only those proscribed by the Koran, and the generosity of any given husband. Hedonism (except that which might be allowed at the whim of a powerful leader) doesn’t exist under the laws of Allah. A good stiff one after a hard day at the office or Mosque…forget about it…no booze for youz.
So once again we are engaged in a war not of our choosing. We did not ask for the followers of a stagnant backwards misogynistic faith to call us to the field of battle. But they did, none the less. We are honor bound to those who set this great nation in motion as well as all the men and woman who gave their last full measure of devotion for same, to go forth and rid the world of this pestilence. To do any less will sooner or later seal our fate.


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