Religion of Peace…My Ass!

I really don’t understand how anyone with any amount of common sense, or at the very least a will to survive, would want to have a religion which:

  • Has an almost misogynistic view of women (Btw, how many offices does NOW have in ANY Muslim controlled country?)
  • Believes and currently supports the killing of women and children in the advancing of their cause/faith
  • Will either actively take over (war) (the Sudan) another country or once in control via more *acceptable*l means (the fall of the Shaw of Iran), will establish Islam as the ONLY law. With the exception of Christians and Jews (provided they pay a *small nominal fee*) who will be able to practice their faiths (but will be subordinate to Muslim law and customs). Oh, and the rest of you …you either convert on the spot to Islam or you die. (If you know of any devout Indian Hindus, ask them about how their ancestors were treated by the pervaders of *the religion of peace*)
  • And once (just for the sake of argument) the world is completely under the banner of Islam.(And this may even happen before that, the fighting has been going on and off again for centuries.) They will take a page out of the “Highlander”. Yep, according to that holy of holies, the Koran, “There can be only one!” So you will have Muslim against Muslim until there is but one pure faith. (Kinda makes the Protestant vs Catholic thing seem like a bunch of amateurs.)

I could go on, but you get the idea.
The question remains, what actions do we, or should we take? If this was just a bunch of nomadic tribes in their own corner of the world, that would be one thing. They could be left alone to fight among themselves. With the occasional rebuke from the effete leadership of the UN (You children play nice or there will be no dessert!). If this fantasy was only the case….but it is not!
The sad fact is, Islamists seek to expand their hate based faith and all constraints associated with it. The end goal being nothing less than world domination. They have vast amounts of capital from the export of the liquid gold beneath their land. They have the ability to arm themselves with the latest technology for sale. That there are countries which would sell them the tools to bring death to upwards of hundreds of thousands makes them “A clear and present danger”. That Islamic states (Iran) and Islamic agents of that state and others (read that as terrorists), seek to bring down the United States and (western) civilization as we know it. THIS should be more than just a gentle reminder of the wake up calls we have already received. If nothing else, 9-11 should have been all the wake up we needed.
We must stop them. There are forces actively in play, both in the long (Islamic control of the world) and short run (exporting of nuclear devices/technology, nuclear blackmail and or war) which will directly effect the lives not only of our children but of civilized mankind. We must insure our elected officials are on board with this. We must constantly remind them, that “We the people” have this as our primary goal. That we will expect and accept nothing less from them, than backing a foreign policy which includes the continued removal of this cancer from the face of the earth along with all who would support them. We must not let ourselves be fooled or lulled into a false sense of complacency that it won’t happen here again. Russia just got a very hard lesson in what looking the other way and appeasement will get you. I have no doubt they will not be caught off guard again.
And neither should we.


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