When The Hometown Paper Starts Bitchslapping

You gotta know it’s time to toss in the towel!
This is from todays Boston Globe!

Kerry’s mission has always been to promote himself
September 5, 2004
JAMES WEBSTER wrote that John Kerry spoke for many of us when he went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (“Kerry spoke for many of us,” letter, Aug. 26). He did not speak for me and many more veterans who spent time in Vietnam.
I was in the Navy assigned to the Marine Corps attached to the Army Special Operations Group in 1963 and 1964. When I got out of the service I went back to college. Because of John Forbes Kerry and a few other Vietnam veterans, we were blamed for all the evils of war. While attending college, I had my tires slashed and sugar dumped in my gas tank because a few brave souls did not like the fact that I had returned from Vietnam.
While at Yale in 1966, Kerry signed on with the Navy when his draft number was coming up. His inspiration was to recreate a JFK PT-109 experience. He spent his first month in Vietnam assigned to coastal patrolling, skippering an aluminum patrol vessel, CRF-115.
He later told The Boston Globe that he really did not want to get involved in the war. His remaining months were spent on the Mekong River, and he received three questionable Purple Hearts. He sought his early out invoking Navy instruction 1300.39.
The movie footage people see with John Kerry was taken with his own movie camera. How many veterans thought to bring their movie camera to Vietnam? Kerry’s early out allowed him to be transferred to safe duty in Brooklyn, N.Y., as an admiral’s aide.
Out of harm’s way, Kerry went public with his testimony about atrocities committed by Americans in Vietnam. Who benefited from his statements other than Kerry?
John Kerry has always had a mission. His mission has always been to promote himself. At the Democratic National Convention in Boston he opened the door to many questions when he saluted and stated that he was reporting for duty.
Retired Admiral Roy Hoffman, founder of the swift boat group, said Kerry was a loose cannon. He said Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief of the armed forces.
Are these naval officers of swift boats shameful, or are they just part of a larger group that knows Kerry better than the voting public?

Either Boston is starting to realize the light shinning at the end of the election tunnel is not Kerry’s. Or this must have slipped by the editorial board (and someone’s got some ‘splaining to do!).


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