They Appear To Be Here To Stay

This was pulled forward due to new info and questions about the internal mechanics behind this 527.
Another 527 is about to hit the street. This from the conservative side of the house. Let’s see what Fox News has to say about the right wings answer to “MoveOn dot Org”.

Saturday, September 04, 2004
“WASHINGTON: Move over, MoveOn dot org . The liberal-leaning group that has raised millions of dollars to run negative ads attacking President Bush now has a competitor on the right with a somewhat similar name.
The conservative plans to blast battleground states with anti-John Kerry ads until Election Day…
…” was created due to the Bush campaign’s largely timid attack ads against Mr. Kerry,” its site says.
Created by Republican political consultant Stephen Marks, it is the latest in a spate of “527s,” independent soft-money groups that have sprung up on both sides of the aisle to influence voters.
Marks also worked for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican Governors Association, and served as a press secretary to President Bush’s brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, in his unsuccessful 1994 campaign.
He said his group has already raised $200,000 and aims to surpass $1 million by the election.
“We’ll hopefully be successful like the Swift boat people,” Marks said, referring to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a 527 organization whose ads have questioned Kerry’s service in Vietnam.
Marks said the choice of the name was “just to get the press’s attention,” not to confuse potential donors…..
… did not return calls for comment Friday.”

And from , comes the following:

“The first ad will expose John Kerry’s role in securing freedom and parole for would-be cop killer who escaped a Massachusetts prison during a furlough, just like Willie Horton!!! was created due to the Bush campaign’s largely timid ads against Mr. Kerry, and will air this first ad starting Tuesday Sept. 7th in the Washington D.C. market and in key swing states beginning Monday September 13th. Since the organization is a “non-connected” committee, the ads will run non-stop until Election Day, and are not subject to the McCain-Feingold ban during the campaign’s final 60 days.
The first ad CLICK HERE TO VIEW (or “right click, then “save target as”) will feature John Kerry’s role as a private attorney in 1982, when he secured freedom and parole for his client George Reissfelder who pled guilty to attempted murder of a police officer, but never served his 15-year sentence because Kerry successfully secured his parole. The parole was in Florida because Mr. Kerry’s client had escaped during a furlough, just like Willie Horton. Once a free man, thanks to John Kerry, Kerry’s would-be cop killer client brazenly continued his life of crime as part of a Mafia-controlled drug ring.”

I am still somewhat undecided as to whether this is a “Good Thing ™”. Are we sinking to their level? Oh, wait a minute!! We are not dealing with calling someone names (Bush=Hitler anyone??) they appear to be dealing in *gasp* facts! Something one can verify in newspaper archives and such.
Hmmmm, the left 527’s deal with *feelings* and *emotions*….the conservative 527’s want to deal with facts and documentation. The kids want to play at making documentaries, and advertisements. The Adults ….well, they
make REAL documentaries and run ads based on statements from credible witnesses.
I wonder if we are going to be called *mean* and *unfair*? Will Bush be blamed for this *hateful* and *meanspirited* attack on that paragon of elitism and war veteran extraordinaire? Sheesh! is the Pope Catholic??? Ok, so we are slinging a bit o’ mud too…the difference is *our mud* has the stickiness of truth behind it. Their *spitballs* …..are just that, spitballs.
I received a comment today from a Mr. Marty Johnson. Went to his blog to see what all the hub bub was about. If nothing else Marty raises some serious questions. I also spent some time looking up the 527 on They are there under new arrivals. But I wonder about the Mailbox Ect, as there is one listed in Arlington VA but the address given for the 527 is in Alexandria VA. It might be possible that the dubious “Suite 49” is legit, perhaps there is someone out there who is closer to the homebase of “Move On For America” who could come up with some more information? If this (527) is the slimy invention of a lone right wing extremist it does nothing but muddy the waters. If it is an attempt at damaging the credibility of all conservative or Republican promoting 527’s, by someone or some group on the left, well they will be hurting no one but themselves in the long run.


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