A House of Cards

It has been all over the net. Drudge has/is carrying it. Many of the blogsphere’s major players; Captain’s Quarters , Bill at INDC , and LGF to name but a few, have the story and in most cases updates to same.
The list goes on. CNSNEWS , The Weekly Standard , and as of 7pm CST ABC News radio carried the story on their national news feed.
This is an update as I am typing this And ABC’s web site has a related article about Lt. Col. Jerry Killian’s son, Gary Killian, who served in the Guard with his father and retired as a captain in 1991. Gary Killian is stating at least one of the two memos are fake.
I have mentioned before that I served in the Navy mostly as an Avionics tech. But as time went by, other challenges were presented. Three of those involved dealing with more than just the average amount of paperwork.
The first was when I was advanced to being a Quality Assurance Rep, which among other things meant we had lots of specific procedures needing to be complied with in the filling out and properly executed “smooth” (ready for signature) final copy. This was at the Squadron level, and though we had computers at that time (the early 90’s), We had to use specific fonts and forms which could at that time only be type written. Which gives you some idea how even at that time, paperwork wise we were still somewhat behind the power curve.
The second position requiring paperwork, was as the “acting” Command Career Counselor. There were forms aplenty here as well. But this also meant lots of “internally generated paper”, in other words, Memos. Now I believe by that time the “Memo” paper format had changed to the standard letter size paper. But due to my position allowing access to any and all personnel jackets (service records) I saw enough of the old style forms and paper to note the difference in size (including my own records). And guess what? We still used the IBM Selectric. because we had few printers with which to print a proper “formal” letter. And they were in use by the folks in the personnel department (I wasn’t in there, as I was directly under the Command Master Chief). So all I had was a Selectric for memos and daily paperwork. I did have a ‘puter but that was for data base work and for any formal paperwork that was put on a disk and printed out in the personnel department. As far as the type balls, I had a couple of OCR’s and one Courier. And this was 16 years or so after when Bush would have had paperwork produced.
So at a fully operational Navy Squadron, we still used typewriters even in the late 80’s early 90’s. I doubt a reserve Squadron (Air Force, Navy, Air National Guard, or otherwise) would not have had anything but the bottom of the barrel at that time.
Getting back to the now infamous memos at CBS, in my mind they should be listed as DOA, as should CBS. The style, syntax, proportioned spacing, and the superscript “th”, are damning enough to anyone who has been in the service at that time, or has had access to records from that time. That it can be easily reproduced to a tee without any effort is questionable, if it had been typed that should be next to impossible.
As of this hour CBS is still standing by their story and “their experts”. Well, guess you can’t blame em for sticking to their guns when the alternative is a major, if not total loss of credibility, not to mention possible legal action.
As for the Kerry Konvoy ™ and the new improved campaign staff (made up of old Clinton staffers), mainstream media sycophants, assorted hangers on, and of course the two Johns, are ready to feel the full brunt of the winds of truth as it sends their house of cards to all four corners of the country.
Drudge is now reporting CBS has stated they are launching an “internal investigation” into this developing story.


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