Bloggers in Jammies! and Other Odds and Ends

Because blogging, according to former CBS exec Jonathan Klein, is done in ones pajamas, ( I guess he thought we should be comfortable while doing it. Yeah, right, tell me another western!) another blogging division has arisen.
First, we had folks standing with Professor Reynolds, and then folks against him. There are the Loyal Citizen’s of Emperor Misha, and of course, the Digital Brownshirts.
Thanks to Suzy Rice, we all have a logo we can get behind. And of course this means we now have the jammie wearers against the nekked bloggers. “Can’t we all just get along?”
(A tip of the Squid Lid to Bill atINDC for the jammie update.)
Being this blog *is* supposed to have a nautical bent to it (every so often). It has come to our attention this Sunday is “Talk Like A Pirate Day!” For those bilge rats of inquiring minds, you can get more info here. And if Blue wanted to wear this , in honor of TLAPD, I wouldn’t complain. Arrrr matey!
Elsewhere, on a more serious note, Senator Miller strikes again. Miller writes a strong rebuttal on his speech over at Opinion Journal. Go read and enjoy what this American with a conscience has to say. Thanks to DGCI for the heads up on this.


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