The Castle Walls

Funny how in some ways there is a perverse repeating of history (though sadly, not the right things repeating). I see a strange
parallel between Watergate and what has come to be known as Memogate. Dan Rather is now the central figure replacing Nixon, and the ultimate source could comprise all the same rolls as the fallen Presidents staff did. The blogsphere heavy weights who brought this to light are the modern day equivalents of Woodward and Bernstein. Who is “Deep Throat” this time ’round? Well, perhaps time will tell. Though it would be fitting that remains a mystery as it still does with the original.
Eric, at BitsBlog has quite a nice commentary about the whole mess. And I find myself and my better half in agreement with what he says. Here is a portion of his rant…

“CBS has come to symbolize all that is bad with the so-called Mainstream Media in our country today. I wonder if they even begin to understand just how deep a hole they’ve dug themselves. Thing is, they continue to dig.
The forged document thing has gotten that bad. Everyone on the planet knows the documents CBS tried to push were forged. CBS, apparently, is on location, someplace other than planet earth, and hasn’t heard. Even the ‘experts’ that CBS mis-quoted, are not backing the CBS claims.
The question becomes now, the source of these documents. CBS claims it’s source for these is unimpeachable. On what basis do they make this claim? Is it because this source shares their political viewpoints? Who could this source be? CBS itself? Someone high up in the DNC? Someone high up in the Kerry Campaign? The implications are too grave here to ignore. CBS needs to cough up it’s source on these documents.”

I would ask you go read the rest. And for those of you out there old enough to remember, ask yourself if we have the media taking over the imperial palace this time round, waiting for the heralds of truth to ride foreword and bring those castle walls tumbling down.


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