Crystal Balls

Aaron has put his money where his mouth is. And he invites any and all comers to do the same. Not being one to ignore the gauntlet being tossed, I gazed into the future, and this is what I saw:

So, what do YOUR tea leafs say?? Aaron’s Rantblog is making a list, go let him know!
The latest polls show bush with an actual chance of winning New York, and with a realistic outside chance at Illinois! But here is the kicker, Bush is ahead in New Jersey of all places! I am beginning to wonder if I was *overly conservative* on my prediction. This also poses an interesting question…If on election night Bush carries New York and New Jersey, Ohio and Penn, will that start a steam roller? Giving him enough push to carry Illinois in the central time zone an hour later? And what about California? If they see the rest of the country going red big time, will Arnald be able to push that state in the *red*?
So, I have brought this baby back to the top. The contest is still going on at Aaron’s, you don’t have to draw a map, just send him your predictions (electorally speaking) and he will enter your peek into the political future!


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