Talk Like A Pirate

Arrr Mates today is the day when all ye old salts and lubbers alike can take the liberty to talk like a pirate! Without risk ‘o walken the plank!
If your parrot has got your tongue you can go ‘eer. An ye will be the silveriest tongued devil that ever tried to sweet talk a wench in to parting with more than her grog!
This ‘ol sea dog has been in the company of pirates starting back when I was learning to cypher. Here be a picture of his ugly mug!
Why, not too many sailings past, you’d a found me ready to board one o’ those bastards off the Barbary coast…

And after plundering the bilge rats for all they had, it would be time to pull into port. Here be a look at my liberty duds…

Arrrr I did cut a mean wake back in my sea fairing days…
But what of the rest of you salty sea dogs and winsome wenches? Today of all days there must be some pirate in ya….pull up a stool, grab a tankard ‘o ale, and let this *respectable* Harbor Master hear your sea stories tales of adventure!


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