Were is my buttered popcorn

Just saw this bit of news courtesy of DeDoc. Ohhhhh boy! John Carter brought to the screen! and the crown jewel of Barsoom the Princess Dejah Thoris. If you read science fiction at all or are a fan of the old pulps, Edgar Rice Burrows has to be on your list of must reads.
And now it is to be a movie. So here is my question to you all. Who should play Capt Carter and who should be his princess?
If there was a strong leading man with a military air about them I would slide them right in there. The only one that comes to mind might be Russel Crow perhaps a younger Harrison Ford could have pulled it off. But no one comes to mind. As for the Female lead a younger Demi Moore perhaps would have done it….but these days who would be a good brunette female, not dumb or ditzy, who could handle the part?
So I leave it up to you, who would you pick….


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