Opposites Detract

We are at war, that is true. It is a war physically brought to our shores and our collective psyche on a bright September morning three years ago.
But it is a two front war.
The other war is right here at home. The seeds planted during the Vietnam conflict are bearing fruit now. This bitter harvest of myopic appeasers, acolytes to a god of socialism and personal unaccountability, Perhaps reached their zenith with the Clinton Presidency. But the seeds were spread far and wide. Media outlets the professional word crafter increasingly allowed their editorial stance to flavor their reporting of events. Hollowed halls of learning became less a place of enlightenment and more a center of indoctrination of political correctness, at all levels of education.
And why be accountable. If the state should control all, and in doing so takes personal responsibility away from you, be it in the raising of your children, the smaller paycheck; “because the government knows best in how to distribute your monies for the greater good of all”, the constant availability of lawyers in order to seek redress due to the very real likely hood you will be a victim at one time or another, and the list goes on. So if you have no control over your life and most of the important aspects of it, it should follow you would have no real responsibility, and thus no accountability.
So you have a large or at least very vocal portion of the American populace which has bought into this. They support those who will promise to give this kind of *utopia* to them.
And you have the rest of us.
We want less government in ALL aspects of our life, business, public, and private. The government does NOT know what is best for me, and unless it pertains to the overall safety of my community at large, has no right in dictating what I should choose to ingest, wear, write, read, watch, or take part in. as long as it does not (potentially) endanger or physically/mentally abuse anyone other than (possibly) myself.
We want a strong defense, and have the ability to bring the hammer down on any group or nation which poses a threat against us. There is no longer a luxury waiting for a belligerent state or group to strike first. The technology exists to cause to great a wound, to think in any other fashion.
We want strict adherence to the Constitution as was intended by the founding fathers. And to have all branches of the Federal Government to conform to the boundaries as stated in said Constitution. It *is* just that simple.
As mentioned in a wonderful essay by Mrs du Toit in which she states in one part , “We have always been a nation of Live and Let Live..”
but have grown tired of groups with agendas being forced upon us. And to be expected to accept their point of view or lifestyle as being part of the main stream of society. It is one thing to work toward removing roadblocks that prevent any American from being able to exercise their rights as a citizen. It is quite another to force society to accept change when it either isn’t ready for that change or has no real desire to incorporate said change regardless of the reason.
and the list goes on for our side as well.
Were is this heading, this gap between those who would sell this country out for thirty pieces of Euro silver, and those of us who, while not looking to make trouble for any one group or country, will pay any price to insure our country is secure from all enemies foreign and domestic.
I hope all major differences may be resolved with reasoned discourse. I am feeling in my gut this is becoming nothing but wishful thinking. The fact is the bad seeds for the most part do not have the ability to understand the errors of their ways. And most of us will not be pushed any farther then we already have.
I believe we are in what Robert A Heinlein called “The Crazy Years.” I hope our *crazies* turn out better than his did.
And that we remain who and what we fought so hard to become 227 years ago…..Americans.
(cross posted at Mudville Gazette )


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