So, Do YOU Feel LUCKY?

While checking out one of the many fine bloggers, who writes with wit and wisdom, I came across this!
It is time for those of us who take pen, fork, and sword, in our left hand, to stand up for our lefts! Some would bemoan their penmanship skills (or lack thereof) on nature in causing their genes to advance to the level of left handedness. I sir, call “foul”. Though my chicken scratch is a sight at times. That has more to do with the amount of rum in my system as it has to do with anything else. The fact I am able to scribe at all, while under the mighty influence of the god of rum, says as much for the superior left handed genes as anything.
But I digress. We who have been blessed with the ability to use to its maximum ability, the hand others can only find the most menial uses for. Indeed many of us are able to use both hands interchangeably! I skinned critters for my dad, with ease, using either hand. I could hit a ball from either side of the plate. We are feared on the golf courses of the world as hazards which befuddle our common right handed brethren, are trifles for us to deal with. And a good left handed bowler is to be feared. Ten pins quake in our wake. In short, we are the next evolutionary step forward for mankind!
But, alas we are, discriminated against. Try and find a left handed manual can opener, a left handed pair of scissors when you need em. But the most blatant form of discrimination, the one which clearly shouts out for some kind of restitution, is this; When you follow a more mature path of political views (less government, less governmental control over your life and lifestyles) you are thought to lean more to the right! If you embrace the nanny state, and continue to want your government to be your parent…why you lean to the left! This smear, to all who find favor with the hand mother superiors everywhere were want to rap with a steel rule, needs to be corrected immediately!
It is time to rise up and unite! To become counted! We will no longer be “left behind”! We must take our rightful place at the (left handed) head of the line! And to this end I submit the following.
Lefties Uniting to Correct Knuckelheaded Yahoos

For all you fellow lefty bloggers feel free to place this on your site. Let the righties out there know you are indeed in “your right mind”! If nothing else perhaps Velocioman will give us VIP treatment at his forthcoming casino.


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