Looking for the Four Horsemen?

Florida becomes the first state to suffer four major hurricanes in a two month period, since Texas in the 1800’s.
Earthquakes, albeit minor ones, are felt in Kentucky and Indiana.
California has a 5.9 quake about 135 miles south of San Jose.
Mt Saint Helen’s is showing increased signs of possible major activity.
Here in the Midwest, about 100 miles west of Chicago, we have experienced some of the mildest winters on record for the past 3 years. And as far back as I can recall one of the coolest summers ever.
What is going on here?
Are we going to see ever increasing warming trends in the Midwest, were we eventually end up with two seasons, Fall and Spring, with a couple of transitional periods of late spring, early fall, late fall, early spring? Is Florida going to become eight months of great weather followed by four months of hell on earth? Is the west coast finally going to fall into the sea in a fit of quaking and eruptions?
Or is nature, in her own time and fashion, reminding us despite all our many concerns both here at home and abroad, they are after all transitory.
Yes we have a great and noble task ahead in the continued fight against those who seek to send civilization back to the dark ages.
To be sure, we face an equal challenge of defining, by exercising our voting franchise come this November, the direction we as a nation will follow. To either work toward returning to our original constitutional underpinnings, or to become the western most part of the European appeasement state.
But, mother nature, doesn’t care about that. With a shrug of her shoulders, the mightiest of mans creations crumble into rubble.
With but a puff of wind from her cheeks, homes are torn apart, trees uprooted, cars and trucks tossed about like children’s toys.
And as the mood strikes, she changes the very landscape with magma and ash.
Do we need to start putting more incense on the fire? Light more votive candles? Look to the east for the fabled Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?
The real answer is
Earth Abides, caring little, if at all, about the affairs of man.
We would do well to remember that from time to time. This planet is a work in progress and we are but travelers on her. There is no end times here, unless we in reckless abandon, unleash the Four Horseman ourselves.
But Earth would abide.
We give this big blue marble too little credit, and allow our pride and vanity to cloud our vision.
Mother Nature will try to remind us of this, and in typical human fashion, after shaking our fists to the heavens, we will go about designing homes, buildings, and infrastructure to withstand what we feel is the best nature can toss at us. Develop ever more sophisticated detection and warning systems for that which we can not harness or control.
For such is the way of nature, and such is the way of man.


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