Plain Speaking

Perhaps if all peoples would look at the bigger picture. No, I am not talking about hugging a tree or meditating on a mountain somewhere. Nor am I dismissing the need to rid civilized man of the evil which is out there and all too real. Rather, despite all our politics and religious efforts, wouldn’t mankind be better off, if we made an honest attempt to work on things, along the lines of an old standard which went something like;

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”.

Yeah it is that simple. Mankind over centuries, has, through politics and before that religion, gotten away from the basics. We tried with the League of Nations, and at least at its onset, the UN. But we fell pray to the darker facets of human nature, and both these attempts became at best farcical.
The nuanced replaced plain speaking. The willingness to cull the despotic and evil from mankind’s bosom became lost in the naivete of trying to appeal to a better nature that in those individuals never existed. And so we are where we are….stagnating in the backwaters of appeasement and elitist damning of the very ideals which brought us to where we are today.
For after all
A mother with a starving child cares little if the milk and bread to feed that child comes from America or China, was processed by Israeli or Jordanian hands, was delivered by the Red Cross or the Red Crescent. All she wants is for her child to live.
Most of mankind believes in a higher power. Be it the G-d of Abraham, the cosmic forces of Ying and Yang, or some version of Mother Nature. And at the very root of all, is the desire to seek peace with their neighbor, to have no ill come to themselves or their families.
We are damned in the details.
We don’t have to be. In this country or in the world, if we stop the nuanced, politically correct talk, and start being straight forward in our talk deeds and actions. In the end …who knows….there might be a Camelot after all, lasting for some time longer than “for one brief shinning moment”.


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