The First Debate

Going to try my hand at the live debate blogging tonight, we shall see how it goes.
Well, here is a test run if you will, of the “Live Debate Facts Feed”
7:05Well just got the first “Live Debate Fact”. Noted this on a couple of blogs already, to be fair I could have missed this one coming in. BTW if you want one of these nifty Debate fact news feeds go here
UPDATES as they happen
Kerry started off looking a bit nervious…but became smoother as time went on.
Bush also started off with a bit of stuttering. Would like to see the quotes of all the alledged military leaders who he claims to back up Kerry.
At one point Kerry has gotten into the lecture mode. He as of 11 min into the debate, made alusions to having wartime experience. and with in 10 minutes of that directly rreferenced his military past. He directly admits to there having been WMD used against american troops….when earlier on he makes alusions to there NOT being same.
Kerry claims he has always been against Osama Ben Lodin….just claims Bush’s actions were the wrong ones. Yet other then saying he would have done it differently he offers no other solutions” He is restating that which he has said before….perhaps this debate will/can be used to hold Kerry’s feet to the fire…to demaind specific solutions.
Kerry claims Bush has not funded police and firefighters, this is bogus. In fact Kerry has voted aginst. Kerry voted against defense spending to give the troops the armor and proper tools in which to fight, yet he blames Bush for this?
Kerry finally admits at least somewhat, on what he would do differently, claims he will reconfigure the ground war and direction of forces. Let’s see how many days go by before he changes his toon on this.
Kerry goes back to Osama….saying we “outsourced our obligations in Afganistan”. And Kerry refuses to admit the French, Germans, and Russians were in bed with Saddam.
Bush scores on the North Korean issues……a draw perhaps on Iran.
Is Kerry saying he is going to send troops to the Sudan?
A backdoor draft???? Overextended military….might have a point there…may be time to increase the numbers of folks getting into uniform..though the recruiters are going to grumble about that….then again they could recall a number of us in the fleet reserve forces.
Kerry commits himself to having backed the war and getting rid of Saddam….an hour and 15 minutes into the debate….”just thinks we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq when we did”. Claims he has always been consistant!!”
Kerry claims he will secure Russa’s nuclear weapons (count) in four years?? How??
In his closing statement, Kerry agains alludes to having lead as a young man in war and would do the same as president. Again with the past.
The President closed with asking we let him continue to lead the nation and be firm in our resolve much as he has done before.
To be fair…if I knew nothing about Kerry other than what I heard tonight…Kerry gave a good debate. He was for perhaps the first time consistant. To give Bush points he stuck to his guns. Though he came across at times not as polished. But he idid Call Kerry on a couple of points North Korea in particular. And for those who are willing to look for it Kerry was not factual on a number of points early on and his voting record will also back up his dupicity of calling it the fault of the president for lack of proper gear and weapons for the troops.
Well…on to Tempe Az and we shall see if the president can belt on out of the park there.


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