Final Debate Thoughts

Well, after letting the debates settle over night, what happened?
Who won ? Bush, over all
Who lost? Kerry, sounding very senatorial
Guess the bottom line is how you look at the debates and both parties involved.
If you are a person who values “style” over “substance” it would seem Kerry came out on top. He being the more polished of speakers, more self contained in the image his people have crafted, and the consummate actor. And to be fair, as others have noted, and I agree with, he did manage to tone down on snobbishness, if only a bit.
If you value what is said, vice how the package is presented, on first view (or if you had not been paying attention up to the point of the debate), Kerry sounded good on first blush. The President sounded resolute and steadfast in his believes and in the direction he wants to (continue to) take the country. So, at first glance a draw.
But looking closer at what was said by the Senator from Massachusetts, you will find a myriad of misleading statements, facts, and no real solutions to the points/policies of the Presidents which he found fault with. Indeed he even flip flopped on a number of points. WMD, and was it or was it not a “mistake” to be in Iraq just for starters. I think over the next few days, as the nations print pundits pontificate on what was (and wasn’t) said, the truth be known, Bush won.
No, there were no knockouts, by either party. And both missed chances of landing same had they either had the ability to see the opportunity to do so (Kerry) or had the needed amount of time to level their guns and fire (Bush). Will, it change anyone’s vote? I don’t think so, in the short run. But if the commentary both in the media, and various blogs push hard enough on what exactly was said I could see a bit of a jump for the President.
In the end, what did happen, Kerry was allowed another day to continue his bob and weave toward the White House. The chance to debate the President two more times. It should also be noted he has plenty of time in between debates to put his foot in his mouth by flip flopping yet again. But this time I predict more people will hold him accountable as a greater amount have started to pay attention to what was said during this last debate. We shall see.
To put it another way, Kerry is off Life Support, but he is still in ICU. The President has a minor cramp or two, but he still leads the pack, and has plenty of time to work those puppies out.
In any case, the next 30 some odd days till the election are shaping up to be very interesting. And I am going to need more peanuts, popcorn, and a restocking of the liquor locker.


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