November Song

“As the days trickle down to a precious few…”
Eighteen days till we exercise our franchise to elect either Senator Kerry to the highest office in the land or re-affirm our trust and faith in the incumbent, President Bush.
The mud has been flying fast and furious. The MSM has shown their true colors (most notably CBS), clearly biased to the left of center in their *reporting of the facts* and editorial content. The DNC has used threats and other intimidating tactics against any and all who the see as a concern in getting their party back in power. (Remember the memo sent to television stations across the country “suggesting” possible legal ramifications if said stations ran the first Swiftboat Vets ad?)
There has been violence, on both sides, along with questionable judgments in taste. To be sure, the number and severity of offences falls squarely on the side of the Democrats, but the Republicans are not without blemish. Still, when looking at this, ransacking offices and the discharging rounds into offices are far more damning than say, pulling the hair of an activist. I’ll take split ends and such over possibly being shot and killed anytime.
Well, now we enter into the home stretch. The poll numbers appear to favor the President in that they are showing it being either neck and neck or Bush being ahead depending on which you read, or how you interpret the numbers in all the questions asked on any given poll. The buzz is we will see one of the largest voter turnouts in quite sometime. The buzz also, says the President needs to win big or we may be witnessing not only the end of the Democratic Party as we know it, but perhaps the beginning of conflict between those who believe in following the Constitution (or returning to same) and those who believe in situational ethics, moral relativism, suborning national interests to global testing, and little or no personal accountability for ones actions.
Do your own research, don’t take my word for it. Please don’t take the mass medias spin to heart. Read, there is still time for that, go to your library look for books on the constitution, information on any given issue which is close to your heart. A good library will have or be able to get for you almost any book or books on subjects of interests to help you arrive at a good over view. There is the internet as well. You can google to your hearts content and come up with information on all sides of any given issue.
I ask this of you because I might disagree with Kerry and his party as it stands right now, but I feel I am NOT voting for *Anyone But Kerry*. I am voting for the candidate who is going to do what I feel is best for the country at large. I would hope you would honestly do the same. Don’t vote for *Anyone But Bush*, rather, vote for the individual you feel is closest to your political philosophy. But in order to do that, you need to look at the voting record and or experiences they bring to the table. If Nader meets your needs vote for him, if the libertarian party and their man floats your boat, vote Libertarian. Same goes for Kerry and Bush.
I suggest your wisest choice would be voting to continue Bush’s Presidency. Kerry, is such a masterful debater. He is the only person I have seen who can make a case for both sides of an argument at the same time. The remaining folks have their own agendas and will, in total, carry perhaps 1 to 3 percent of the vote.
But bottom line, get out and vote! It is your duty as a citizen, your part to play in the continuing experiment of this grand Republic.


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