Odds and Ends

Well, we are back, more or less. The cable has been ditched for DSL. The only real downside is we don’t have near the file space we used to. But when one door closes, another opens. That is true here too.
I am honored by Mike and Debbie (and Commando lurking in the background)over at DGCI, with their generous offer of becoming part of their team. So expect to see a post or two popping up over at DGCI. They also gave me the keys to Radio DGCI (foolish mortals!!). And unless something goes awry, the station should be live for at least a couple of hours later this afternoon (or until my better half says it is time to have dinner). So we shall see what happens.
Snuugg Harbor is not going anywhere. I will still be posting here, this is my home. And I shall be building up to a good vent or two before too long. Thanks for reading, and for all your kind words. This final two weeks before we decide who is to Capitan our ship of state, are going to be interesting ones. What happens after that? Gentle reader, that is up to you! Don’t forget to vote!
The Mighty Midshipmen got their butts handed to them by the Fighting Irish. So they are no longer undefeated (5-1). But there are still the fellows from up on the Hudson….. Go Navy Beat Army!!!

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