A Good Book

Just getting back into the swing of things here. But thought I would share what else has been taking up my time, since being away from the blogger side of the house.
As with my better half True Bluegal, I dusted off the old copies of “Neverwinter Nights ™ “ and ran through the game and extensions. Played ’round with a couple of other odds and ends as well. This all helped in recharging the blogging batteries, but the best way I found to do so, was to revisit some old friends. This was touched on in the last post, however there was another series of books about the same planet but with a much different take. Edgar Rice Burrough’s Mars series.
For those who are just curious or you haven’t the room for yet another couple of books (perish the thought!), you can read all of them here along with many of his other works. In fact, if you are looking for any number of long lost friends (Holmes, Dr Watson, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, The Three Musketeers, White Fang, Alice, The White Rabbit, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, to name a few) if you go back to the main page of the above site, you will find them all accounted for.
Books have always had the marvelous ability to draw me deep inside their world. So much so, even the phone ringing next to my desk may often go unanswered…for I cannot hear it while fighting along side John Carter, the Warlord of Mars, on Barsoom’s adventurous soil. Calls to dinner or to attend some chore or errand will go wanting as Lazarus Long may have greater need of my attention. Nearby coffee grows cold and even chocolate lays untouched (I know the last is near heresy…but such is the power of a good book, and the friends inside). “Killer” McCoy, Travis McGee, Ishmael, Frodo and Samwise, Farfard and Grey Mouser, Mike Hammer…and the list goes ever onward. All these good (and sometimes not so good) people in their time and fashion call to tell their tales (and oft times re tell the same).
They may serve to remind us of all that is good and decent in the human condition or what it takes to rise above that which is not so good. To paint pictures of events that could have been, or are yet to be. Who hasn’t at one time or another wanted to be a knight in shining armor saving the maiden fair…or at some later point in life , reflected as has Travis McGee, that his armor is a bit rusty, his horse a tad swayback, and wondered if he hasn’t become more like the dragons he slays then the knight he once tried to be.
And on a cold winters eve…..with the world around mired in madness, a nation not yet willing to bring the minority of *children* in its charge out behind the woodshed for a proper attitude adjustment (though we appear to be at least thinking about heading in that direction), and the rampant commercialism of the one season of the year which seeks to teach or at least re-enforce the lesson most needed by the world at large, “Peace on Earth Good Will to (ALL) Men”, a good book filled with old (or new) friends is as good a place to find oneself as any.
Wonder who will be calling to me next…. and who calls to you?


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