A Blogburst Is Coming

January 2005 is just around the corner. A month which begins with reflection as the New Year begins, a month given to a potent reminder of our cherished form of government in the culmination of the electoral process in the witnessing of a presidential inauguration.
This January also brings something different to the table. On the 27th, it will be a time of remembrance. For on this date, 60 years ago, the site of one of man’s greatest inhumanities to his fellow man, was liberated. The gates to Auschwitz were opened…and the world allowed to see the Nazi’s “final solution”.
On the 20th of this month, only two years before that, in a fashionable section of Berlin, the major leaders of the Nazi party (both military and “state”), charged with dealing with the “Jewish problem”, met, in what was forever after called “The Wannsee Conference”. At this meeting, the “final solution” was openly addressed and discussed.
60 years ago…a much different time and place….a different world.
60 years ago…not long after that a phrase was starting to be heard “Never Again!!”
60 years ago…is not taught or talked about all that often in our schools and places of worship (it is not just a “Jewish thing”, Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, and others died as easily as did those of Jewish faith and lineage). And those who either lived through the hell of Auschwitz or saw the horror within it’s gates, are themselves passing from our lives.
60 years ago…would those same people who bore witness to the evil have even hazarded a guess their grandchildren and great grandchildren would be witness to a rebirth of the same mindset which brought about those horrors. It is going on right now people, and not just in the twisted minds of Arab and Palestinian terrorists. But grows anew in Europe, and other parts of the western civilized world as well.
So even more than ever before it falls to men and woman of good conscience, Jew and gentile alike, to teach and instruct not only our fellows…but our children too.
And to this end Israpundit announces a Blogburst. Go to his page, add your name, your blog, to his efforts. Help to make this more, much more, than a cry into the wilderness. Rather it should become a reminder, a call to remember…so none may forget…
“Never Again!!”


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