Eco-sails In The Sunset

Received an e-mail from Mike and Wendy over at American Dinosaur (they are good people go check em out). They sent me an article about an environmentally friendly power source/system, which if all goes right, should be in production and going into sailing craft sometime in the not too distant future.
Now I am not a tree hugger, but I do believe if there is a cleaner, cheaper way to do things and the end result helps to improve the overall environment, then good on ya. And yes I am all for it.
I don’t buy, for the most part, the eco-agenda/propaganda being spewed forth these days. And I didn’t buy the doomsday scenarios posited back in the early 70’s, (anyone remember “The Population Bomb”?) which brought about movies like “Soylent Green”. Though Michael Moore would sure make a “primo” batch of that stuff wouldn’t he??
Fact is, the planet has gone through some hard times due mainly to nature and the occasional cosmic interruptions. This little bit o’ rock, sky, and water, for the most part, came through it all fairly well. And perhaps man’s self important ego is what drives those who look and judge his efforts at sullying the planet and the long term effects of same. Giving them a much greater importance then they really warrant (the proposed scientific *facts*, as well as those presenting/supporting same).
Having said that, I would add, if we *can* do it better, cheaper, and cleaner, then we are to some degree morally obligated to do so. If only for future generations ‘Cause its the right thing to do. But, please, lets leave the “junk/biased/agenda driven” science out of it, shall we.

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