Best Wishes For The Season

As promised here are a few “wishes and thanks” as we come to the end of the year.
To All who have visited my little piece of the web….”Thank you!!” I hope in some small way you found something of interest or of value. For those who left comments (good or ill) “Thank you!” Feed back is a good thing and if nothing else lets your humble blogger know he has stirred up your emotions/passions enough to spend the energy to agree or disagree with what was written.
To those I have come to know and have come to know me, Thank you for initially stopping by, and for continuing to visit and comment, and e-mail. I have made a number of new acquaintances since taking part in the “blogging family” and thanks to Mike, Mark, Bob, Kim, Connie, Allan, Francis, Vilmar, Eric, Rob, SondraK, Claire, Rodger, DeDoc, Kate, “the Kate”, Misha, Todd, AJ, Jim, Riverdog, “Bug”, and a host of others. You have all enriched my life, and I am a better person for it. Somehow “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be words enough.
To Capt Ed, Wretchard, SDB, Bill Whittle, Hugh Hewlett, and others (yet again). Thank you for giving of your time, energy, and thoughts. And for willingly sharing your insights to life, the human condition, and world around us all. To have made yourselves so readily available to the “net public at large” via your marvelous way with words…is a gift far greater then gold. And “we” are all the better for you doing so.
To my sons both “by blood” and “by marriage”. Thank you ….for asking questions and for having the courage to follow your dreams. I hope in some small way I can direct you toward the answers you seek. And I am honored you think enough of me to be willing to ask in the first place. May you each in your own way and fashion come to understand my greatest wish is for your future success and happiness in all that you strive for in your lives. And that I am able to prevent you from landing in some of the many pitfalls I have stumbled into not only during my “misspent youth” but as an adult as well. Know you are loved and appreciated for the individuals you are either developing into…or have finally arrived at.
Finally, to my better half, “my sweetie-heart”, thank you for sharing this ride with me. It hasn’t been all that many years, and with luck, we will see many more together. I know I haven’t told you often enough how proud I am of your writing ability and your clarity of thought. It has been said; “Behind every man who seeks to make his fortune, or who seeks greatness, there is a strong woman.” You, for some reason known only to yourself and God, have chosen to cast your lot in standing by me. For that reason alone, I can never say thank you or I love you enough. I am the richest of men.
Now what are my “wishes”?
1. Mankind will recognize there is good and evil inherent in all. That sometimes we need to address the evil when it manifests itself. Be it a despot who enslaves his countrymen, or a cancer that grows within a faith, a people, or even a nation. That we can find peaceful solutions to removing same, but failing that have the courage of our convictions to know some times a scalpel is the only tool left in removing malignancies from the world.
2. Regardless of your personal faith, or moral code, we each in our own fashion will work toward promoting and practicing the better part of our collective nature. I know that is a very broad statement, and is not meant to be saccharine in intent. If we each promote honest discourse between fellows…and follow the golden rule…there has got to be some sort of mathematical effect….to were individual acts of a positive nature if nothing else get rid of the damn *grey areas* and leave us with a more honest appraisal of our fellow men. To this end if there is less and less grey areas….then it becomes very much harder for evil to take root and *hide*. If our intent and actions are clear cut and straight forward….would not those of less than honorable intent be forced to show their hand. Allowing us to remove the malignant cell(s) before they pose a greater danger or cause greater harm?
3. May you all have the blessings, honor, and intent of this Christmas season showered upon you. May your pockets and purses be well filled. May your hearts be lightened and filled with happiness that comes from sharing, with family, with those whom you share a special love, with friends you hold dear. May those of you with family and friends who answered their countries call, find them back in your arms safe and whole.
4. And my one selfish request/wish….May my Chicago Cubs finally arrive at that little bit of seven game magic this coming Oct. And Santa baby..please stuff the Bears stocking with a much improved offensive line AND a first class quarterback.
That is my thank you and wish list for this year. I will have one more post for tomorrow…which will (baring unforeseen events) remain on top until the New Year arrives.
From all of us here at Snugg Harbor Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!!


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