A Response to Mr Rivkin, And A Reminder to Read The Whole F'ing Thing

Well it would appear I put my foot into it over here. Lord knows that wasn’t the intent..and it will teach me a sharp lesson about “reading the whole f-ing thing”. I don’t want to hog the good Curmudgeon’s webspace, so the views brought up over there will be broung up here.
Fran had posted about this bit of poofery by Robert Rivkin.
And I am in complete agreement with Fran, Connie, and others who responded that there is no way in hell we should see an increase of any sort in our taxes to support this. And I also agree it would set a very troubling precedent.
Where I was trying to say…and had I read Fran’s post completely I would have commented a bit differently… was as follows.
1. We are the greatest nation of the face of the earth. Our wealth, generosity, and power have no equal. IRT that, what would be the problem if we did *divert* a small part of taxes already collected and send it to the areas effected by one of the greatest calamities nature has sent the world.
Assuming our total federal intake of taxes is something along the line of the 2002 level of $2,000,000,000,000. that’s 2 trillion dollars. Let’s say one tenth of one percent of that is skimmed off the top. That would be 200 million (if my poor attempt at math is correct). This also does not figure in the amount in dollars it costs us to send over a Carrier and various other ships and manpower to assist in the clean up and emergency medical, food, and infrastructure needs we are also addressing. Or even half that much (again not accounting for the direct aid provided by our armed services) still sends a couple of messages.

  • This country, and its government in particular, is not, nor has it ever been *stingy*. We have traditionally been the first to offer food, medical aid, monitory aid, and comfort to all corners of the earth, whenever the need arises.
  • The rest of the world is on notice, we not only are quite capable of waging a war against the evils of the world. (And do that in the gentlest way war has ever been fought in the history of warfare!) But we are able to extend help *as a nation* just as readily.

2. If this aid is culled from existing monies collected…it is (as it has always been) out of our hands to control, at least for the short term. Yes, you have the option to vote the rascals out if you feel they are spending your dollars in ways wholly inappropriate to your desires. If enough others in your senate or congressional district agree, they will send em packing. This is not in and of itself socialism. If, on the other hand, a new tax was implemented for the express purpose of providing aid via either an executive order, or a piece of legislation by our congress critters/senators, that would be. You can argue that our tax laws are unfair,unjust, unconstitutional. (And I would agree with you…they are in direct violation with the original intent of taxation as outlined in the Constitution.) But until enough folks seek to change the tax laws, as they exist, they are the law of the land. And as such, once collected, we have little recourse as to what they are spent on.
Finally, we have given out all sorts of foreign aid, and as our needs and wants dictate, we will probably continue to do so. Would this be no different? Again, you may argue we need to redress our national policy regarding this. That giving money to countries specifically to improve the lot of their population without expecting the country involved to be actively working on improving the opportunities for its own people is tossing money down the drain. And I would agree. To also presuppose the American people should be burdened with an additional tax in order to support rebuilding of other nation-states when our national interests/security is not directly effected does not border on socialism, it is. And at that point we ironically become that very thing the bleeding hearts would paint us as, even now, an Empire.
So, to Francis, again please accept my apologies. To Mr. Rivkin, please take your socialist smoke and mirrors act somewhere else, we don’t want or need that in this country. Our GNP and continued spirit of entrepreneurship don’t need any more ham stringing then they already have. Indeed Mrs. Du Toit is quite correct in stating there are more then enough private contractors out there who would benefit from getting work in rebuilding the area (in a long term program). And to you my readers, who ever you are….remember RTWFT! I am off to go wipe the egg from my face.


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