But Teacher, I'm Not Fat, Just "Well Rounded"

Remember when it was report card time? Most kids, for one reason or another, dreaded that day. Especially when it wasn’t sent home via the mail, but you had to hand carry the not so good news home and hand it over to your parents. Even if you were not failing in any given subject, anything lower than or equal to a “C” was viewed as not working to your level of potential. The teacher(s) didn’t have to say so, your parents would know that for a fact. And heaven help you if there was an “F” in any subject (even PE). Now, mom may be somewhat less harsh on a bad PE grade, but not dad…”NO KID OF MINE IS GOING TO FAIL PE UNLESS YOU HAVE A BROKEN LEG OR SOMETHING…AND THAT CAN BE ARRANGED!!” This, of course, was back in the day when little Johnny’s or Suzie’s teacher was not considered to be the (first)reason why they were lacking in one subject or another. Way back when, it was assumed it was the students fault for not absorbing what was presented in the classroom. You were expected to get your homework done and returned to the classroom complete and on time. There was no reward system for doing so, you did it because it was expected of you to do so. Failure to comply with this was cause for a major lecture from the parental units…and could escalate to a full scale ass woupping if the trend continued.
We had kids of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and personalities, when I was in school. There were the different cliques and you learned either how to get along or suffer for the lack of that skill. We had bullies and such too, along with the “delinquents in training” and others who round out “Your school environment” ™ . We had pressures and concerns, which from time to time seemed all but impossible to tolerate. But most of us survived, to either head out to the world at large or continue on at college.
What we didn’t have was the PC environment present today at all levels of education. We didn’t have grief counselors. We didn’t have day care centers for unwed mothers (and don’t recall more then one of those out of 4 years of high school either). We didn’t have “skills” or “empowerment” classes. We didn’t have (though it was changing at the high school level, even then) “touchie-feelie” teachers/teaching methods.
We also didn’t have our appearance being graded or annotated on our report cards!! Yes, you read the last line correctly, students in the great state of Texas, are now going to see an entry on their report card which will *notify* the parents, the school feels their student does not meet BMI or Body Mass Index. This mean the child for their particular height and weight are outside the *acceptable* limits for a n individual of that height/gender. As of now it will not *supposedly* effect the students grades or hinder their chance of advancement to the next grade. But to the masters of socialization, incrementalism is not a foreign word or practice. It will be just a matter of time until, “little Johnny” is being held back in the 5th grade because he is 40 pounds overweight. We hate to do this, but it is for his own good.”
I can see you of the “big government is our friend” ™ persuasion, getting all knotted up…”but if the parent can’t get his eating habits in control (assuming it is even an eating disorder in the first place) then the government should, as they only have the best interest of the child at heart.” To this, and those who espouse same, I say “BULLSHIT”.
You can take your socialist-communist-socialization/experimentation and park it and all your other excrementally enhanced ideas where the sun don’t shine. You should be familiar with it…it’s the same place one can find your heads at any given time of the day or night.
But let’s take a look at what could be next….
“We are sorry Mr. & Mrs. Jones, but your child refuses to accept the diversity policies here at John Kerry Elementary.”
“Has he been in a fight or bullying any of the students?”
“No, no, not at all. But he refuses to acknowledge that a same sex lifestyle is normal. In fact he has gone so far as to state his parents said it was wrong *shudder* in the eyes of God.” Now, we can’t have that kind of thinking going on here. Had we known in advance your child was a *shudder* Christian, we would have either recommended counseling, or have advocated he be placed in a private school.”
“Mr Jones, I’m from the NEA child education enforcement and indoctrination department. And we are concerned your son is not conforming to the standards we have set for your educational district.”
“He does all his work, and he has had no negative reports from the school. What is the problem?”
“Well, that’s just it Mr. Jones….he is doing too well in school…in fact he is at the top of his class, the star of the football team, and from what we have been able to gather, all the girls think he is the best *catch* in the whole school. The bottom line is…if he doesn’t lower his standards a bit…so the other boys don’t feel so…so …so inferior around him, we will have to suggest you send him to a private academy. Good god sir, our budget just can’t handle the overload in counseling fees from the parents of children who are having complexes, are filing with us.”
Yes, the two “examples” above sound far fetched. 30 years ago, had it been suggested that the lowering of any schools overall curriculum be advocated to meet the needs of *disenfranchised students*, as well as a reward system be implemented to *encourage* the turning in of homework. Well, they would have been laughed out of the school.
If I lived in Texas, I think there could only be two choices for my kids with the above becoming law. Either homeschool, or if affordable, private schooling. Though stringing up anyone from the NEA or Dept of Education (local, state, or fed) wouldn’t hurt either.


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