The Day After

Yesterday marked the 63rd “anniversary” of what came to be called the Wannsee Conference. This was a meeting of many in Hitler’s inner-circle with a number of the Nazi party officials who were outside of the loop, so to speak, on the internal goings on. They discussed “the final solution” to the Jewish concern. And make no mistake about it, all parties involved, came to understand at this meeting, if they were not clear on it before, that the final solution, was just that… the total incarceration and extermination of the Jewish peoples. And to a lesser(though equally as important)extent, any other group of people who did not conform with the Nazi view of “the perfect German”..
I have commented on this before, this being the last post on such, and will be again. Go and check out Israpundits original post. You will note those gates in the picture at the top of his post are not for some fantasy, “Hogan’s Hero’s” …”oh, those crazy bumbling Nazis, how will Hogan, fool em this time” camp. They are the gates to hell.
I will be posting probably once a day on this til the blogburst. If you want more information, or to see the ever growing list of participants, go here.
Never Forget!!…Never Again!!


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